Code for Nathan Herzing and Chris Shea's "Helping Voters with Datomic, Pedestal, Om and core.async" talk
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Helping voters with Pedestal, Datomic, Om and core.async

This is the final result of the Helping Voters talk by Nathan Herzing and Chris Shea at the 2014 Clojure/conj.



  1. Run datomic and redis on their standard ports.
  2. In the frontend directory, run lein cljsbuild once.
  3. In the api directory, run lein reset-db and then lein run-dev.
  4. In the ftp directory, run lein run -m usps-ftp-queuer.core.
  5. Open frontend/voter.html and enter 000000000 or 000000001 into the search field.
  6. FTP to the server running at port 2221: ftp -P 2221 ftp://admin:admin@localhost.
  7. Upload one of the sample files: put ftp/usps-scans-2.csv demo.

You should see the "status" field update in the browser.

See the individual READMEs for more details.