A simple file organizer written in Clojure.
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A simple file organizer written in Clojure.

Why does this project exist?

I built this because I couldn't find a program that made it easy to move a bunch of files into a bunch of different locations. This was annoying to do in the Windows explorer so I decided to make a program to do it.

Also, it was a good excuse to learn Clojure.

How does it work?

A mockup of the program

On the left hand side is the frame that opens when you start. The top of it is a file chooser of files and folders you can select. Below the divider is a table with Destinations on the left and Shortcuts on the right. If you press the shortcut, the file/folder you've selected in the file chooser will be moved to the destination.

The frame on the right pops up if you click any of the Destination buttons. It brings up another file chooser where you can only select folders and a text field that lets you type in a shortcut.

How do I install it?

Right now the only way to install the program is to download the source and to run lein run. I plan to make this easier in the future.