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Creates an iTune Store Podcast from a YouTube channel.

Fruitcaster analyses the videos in a given YouTube-Channel using the YouTube API. It then creates metadata-files for all videos. Then, it uses youtube-dl to download those videos.

The PHP side of Fruitcaster takes those metadata files and creates an iTunes-compatible RSS-Feed, which can then be registered in iTunes.

Warning: This script will need a ton of diskspace, since it will download ALL videos in the given YouTube channel. Please be aware of that.

This stuff was @silsha's idea, and was written by @silsha and @tiefpunkt. Enjoy.



  1. Download the script.
  2. Get a YouTube API key, and put it in a copy of config.yaml.example, with the name config.yaml.
  3. Check the feed for any configuration settings we forgot to put in config.yaml
  4. Run, and make it a cron job.
  5. Put the htdocs-folder on the web, e.g. by setting it as a DocumentRoot in Apache
  6. Submit your feed to iTunes.
  7. PROFIT!!1!