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Commits on Feb 1, 2015
  1. @pixeltrix

    Cache `url_helpers` separately for mailers

    pixeltrix authored
    The commit 3b63780 re-introduced url helper caching but we need to
    cache a separate module for Action Mailer without paths.
  2. @pixeltrix

    Merge pull request #18776 from eileencodes/cache-url-helpers

    pixeltrix authored
    Cache `url_helpers`
  3. @eileencodes

    Cache `url_helpers`

    eileencodes authored
    `url_helpers` used to be memoized. This was lost in a refactoring and
    this PR adds it back. We noticed this while investigating why
    integration tests are slower than controller tests.
  4. @tenderlove
  5. @willbryant @tenderlove

    Fix Issue #15549, unbounded memory growth when saving records that ha…

    willbryant authored tenderlove committed
    …ve any after_create callbacks (or any associations, which makes after_create callbacks for you)
  6. @tenderlove
  7. @tenderlove

    push add to transaction logic down to the instance

    tenderlove authored
    the transaction object shouldn't know so much about active record
    objects, so let's push the conditionals in to the instance.
  8. @tenderlove
  9. @tenderlove
  10. @seuros

    Merge pull request #18770 from palkan/docs-hasone-dependent

    seuros authored
    Add note about has_one :through and :dependent
  11. @matthewd

    Merge pull request #18756 from ajgrover/activejob_tests

    matthewd authored
    Update queue_classic gem to use latest
  12. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #18721 from sj26/pre-discard-flash

    tenderlove authored
    Pre-discard flash messages
  13. @pixeltrix

    Merge pull request #18769 from gsamokovarov/exception-wrapper-windows…

    pixeltrix authored
    Show proper traces on Windows for the error pages
  14. @tenderlove

    Merge branch 'master' into mdluo-master

    tenderlove authored
    * master:
      Move required error message and changelog to Active Record
      Use public Module#include, in favor of
      Use Module#include instead of send :include, since now is a public method [ci skip]
      :scissors: warning from controller renderer test
  15. @palkan
  16. @carlosantoniodasilva

    Move required error message and changelog to Active Record

    carlosantoniodasilva authored
    The new association error belongs to Active Record, not Active Model.
    See #18700 for reference.
  17. @senny

    Merge pull request #18759 from yuki24/remove-warning

    senny authored
    :scissors: warning from controller renderer test
  18. @gsamokovarov

    Show proper traces on Windows for the error pages

    gsamokovarov authored
    This is an issue brought up by @daniel-rikowski in rails/web-console#91.
    Citing his PR proposal here:
    > Prior to this, backtrace lines were simply split by a single colon.
    > Unfortunately that is also the drive letter delimiter in Windows paths
    > which resulted in a lot of empty source fragments of "C:0". ("C" from
    > the drive letter and 0 from "/path/to/rails/file.rb:16".to_i)
    > Now the trace line is split by the first colon followed by some digits,
    > which works for both Windows and Unix path styles.
    Now, the PR was sent against web-console, because of the templates copy
    issue we used to had. Instead of bothering the contributor to reopen the
    issue against upstream Rails itself, I will make sure he gets the credit
    by putting his name in [rails-contributors/hard_coded_authors.rb][].
      [rails-contributors/hard_coded_authors.rb]: (
  19. @sgrif

    Merge pull request #18767 from robertomiranda/ruby-2.2

    sgrif authored
    Use public Module#include, in favor of
  20. @robertomiranda
  21. @mdluo

    Merge pull request #1 from mdluo/pr/18316

    mdluo authored
    Fix n+1 query problem when eager loading nil associations (fixes #18312)
  22. @sgrif

    Merge pull request #18763 from robertomiranda/ruby-2.2

    sgrif authored
    Use Module#include instead of send :include, since Module#include is a public method [ci skip]
  23. @mdluo

    Merge branch 'master' into pr/18316

    mdluo authored
  24. @robertomiranda
  25. @sgrif

    Attribute assignment and type casting has nothing to do with columns

    sgrif authored
    It's finally finished!!!!!!! The reason the Attributes API was kept
    private in 4.2 was due to some publicly visible implementation details.
    It was previously implemented by overloading `columns` and
    `columns_hash`, to make them return column objects which were modified
    with the attribute information.
    This meant that those methods LIED! We didn't change the database
    schema. We changed the attribute information on the class. That is
    wrong! It should be the other way around, where schema loading just
    calls the attributes API for you. And now it does!
    Yes, this means that there is nothing that happens in automatic schema
    loading that you couldn't manually do yourself. (There's still some
    funky cases where we hit the connection adapter that I need to handle,
    before we can turn off automatic schema detection entirely.)
    There were a few weird test failures caused by this that had to be
    fixed. The main source came from the fact that the attribute methods are
    now defined in terms of `attribute_names`, which has a clause like
    `return [] unless table_exists?`. I don't *think* this is an issue,
    since the only place this caused failures were in a fake adapter which
    didn't override `table_exists?`.
    Additionally, there were a few cases where tests were failing because a
    migration was run, but the model was not reloaded. I'm not sure why
    these started failing from this change, I might need to clear an
    additional cache in `reload_schema_from_cache`. Again, since this is not
    normal usage, and it's expected that `reset_column_information` will be
    called after the table is modified, I don't think it's a problem.
    Still, test failures that were unrelated to the change are worrying, and
    I need to dig into them further.
    Finally, I spent a lot of time debugging issues with the mutex used in
    `define_attribute_methods`. I think we can just remove that method
    entirely, and define the attribute methods *manually* in the call to
    `define_attribute`, which would simplify the code *tremendously*.
    Ok. now to make this damn thing public, and work on moving it up to
    Active Model.
  26. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #18760 from hjoo/fix_fixtures

    tenderlove authored
    changed deleted_tables list to set
  27. @hjoo
  28. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #18512 from vipulnsward/18492-fixtures-with-sti

    tenderlove authored
    Fix STI for fixtures from multi-files
  29. @yuki24

    :scissors: warning from controller renderer test

    yuki24 authored
    rails/actionpack/test/controller/renderer_test.rb:89: warning: possible reference to past scope - defaults
  30. @sgrif

    Remove `AttributeSet#initialized_keys`

    sgrif authored
    This method doesn't need to be lazy, as it is never called from reads.
    The only time it is called are in write cases, where we're about to loop
    through the results of it, and build the attribute objects anyway. So we
    don't gain anything by dodging the instantiation here. This is the only
    method that coupled `AttributeSet` to `LazyAttributeHash`, so removing
    it puts us back in a place where we can use a normal hash instead.
Commits on Jan 31, 2015
  1. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #18700 from nygrenh/better-required-message

    tenderlove authored
    Provide a better error message on :required association
  2. @ajgrover

    Update queue_classic gem to use latest

    ajgrover authored
    Remove '<3.0.0' requirement for queue_classic gem. This fixes the issue
    that the gem was attempting to parse the queue name as a URI, causing
    all of the tests to fail.
  3. @robin850

    Merge pull request #18753 from andreynering/guide-single-table-inheri…

    robin850 authored
    Add Single Table Inheritance to guides [ci skip]
  4. @andreynering
  5. @robin850

    Merge pull request #18540 from andreynering/guides-custom-form-builder

    robin850 authored
    Improving 'Customizing Form Builder' section with example [ci skip]
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