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Version 0.1.0:
* Watch folders for changes and automatically update your collection. This
is on by default; you can turn it off on the Local Music tab in the
settings dialog. Note that this triggers only on files or folders being
added to or removed from folders; it is not watch individual files as
most OSes can't support enough file watches to handle a normal-sized
music collection.
Version 0.0.4:
* Fixed a crash situation caused by sources going on- or offline.
Version 0.0.3:
* Show spinner while resolving playlists.
* Go back to previous page visible when deleting a playlist.
* Fixed issue where automatic playlists and station summaries were not
updated in the playlist header.
* Fixed an issue which caused duplicate items when rescanning.
* Revert change introduced in 0.0.2 causing Twitter protocol to not try
to reconnect to a peer if it couldn't connect the first time the plugin
was connected. This caused confusing (and for most unwanted) behavior.
* Fix crashes in Twitter authentication.
* Properly honor the chosen port number if a static host and port are
marked as preferred.
* Don't automatically try to resolve all incoming playback logs. This
speeds up importing sources a lot.
* Faster painting of playlists with lots of unresolved tracks.
* Prefer local results when results' score is equal.
* (Windows) The tomahawk:// protocol handler works on Windows now.
* (Windows) Fixed launching Tomahawk from Windows installer with admin privileges.
* (Windows) Prevent launching a second instance on Windows.
Version 0.0.2:
* Don't reconnect to Jabber if the settings dialog is closed successfully
but the Jabber settings haven't changed.
* Don't run a rescan of the local collection if the settings dialog is
closed successfully but the path hasn't changed.
* Don't attempt to connect to unavailable Twitter peers over and over.
* Find Twitter peers if the peer's Got Tomahawk? tweet is not their latest
* Got Tomahawk? tweets can now be sent directly to specific users or in
private direct messages.
* Display a helpful message when someone sends a normal instant message to
the Tomahawk XMPP presence.
* Incompatible change: Twitter SIP protocol has changed slightly. 0.0.1
clients will not be able to talk to newer clients.
* Don't let long playlist or summary names force a large Tomahawk window.
* Tomahawk now asks you to authorize new contacts.
Version 0.0.1:
* First public release.
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