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A cli version/engine of the game 2048= for your Linux terminal.


There currently are 2 versions that can be run. This includes a straight-forward terminal based version and one using ncurses. To add a new graphical interface, simply create a .c file which implements all the functions in gfx.h and add a Makefile entry.


git clone

By default, termios.h is expected to be present for the standard terminal version, and a VT100 compatible terminal is being used. If a VT100 terminal is not available, simply alter the makefile and remove the '-DVT100' flag. Compiling with ncurses requires the development libraries for it.

On an ubuntu/debian machine for example, these can be obtained via

apt-get install libncurses5-dev

You can also also easily install this on el >= 5 (CentOS, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Scientific Linux, Oracle) and Fedora >= 19 using the package-manager:

sudo yum install 2048-cli[-nocurses]

For el you will need to have the EPEL-repository enabled.


hjkl and wasd  Default movement keys
q              Quit the current game


-h             Print the program usage.
-H             Print the current highscore.
-C             Disable color support (default).
-c             Enable color support if supported.
-a             Enable animations (default).
-A             Disable animations.
-i             Enable ai without displaying game.
-I             Enable ai and display game.
-r             Reset highscore. Will prompt user.
-s SIZE        Set the size of the playing field.
-b RATE        Set the rate at which blocks spawn per turn.


This code is licensed under the MIT License.