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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ Dell [Precision T7600 Workstation](
* Currently running [Windows Server 2016 Datacenter](
* [CPU-Z Validation details](
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530800604/ckxj45.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530800604/ckxj45.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530620916/20160329-godboxv2-cpu.png">}}
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ A couple of years back, I did a post about my [Daily Carry for college](http://t
So, the contents are as follows:
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530624866/16317125424_a03f9ec346_m.jpg">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530624866/16317125424_a03f9ec346_m.jpg">}}
* Microsoft [SurfaceBook]( with an i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB Storage, along with the dGPU.
* [Samsung Galaxy Note 3](
@@ -32,6 +32,6 @@ So, the contents are as follows:
Some more photos below:
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530624919/16752079580_ddd568fd5e_m.jpg">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530624919/16752079580_ddd568fd5e_m.jpg">}}
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530624931/16938202692_3eeeab8e05_m.jpg">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530624931/16938202692_3eeeab8e05_m.jpg">}}
@@ -22,11 +22,11 @@ The GodBox is my main Hyper-V server and backup workstation. Its specs are as fo
Some old photos of the machine are seen here:
{{<cloudinary src="/v1530799664/krg7cf.png">}}
{{<cloudinary src="v1530799664/krg7cf.png">}}
{{<cloudinary src="/v1530620911/godboxv1-cpuinfo.png">}}
{{<cloudinary src="v1530620911/godboxv1-cpuinfo.png">}}
{{<cloudinary src="/v1530620868/tumblr_n15uoaNSnY1s6snd0o1_1280.jpg">}}
{{<cloudinary src="v1530620868/tumblr_n15uoaNSnY1s6snd0o1_1280.jpg">}}
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ have just got my hands on a box on the [Hetzner][2] network (more on
that later) and using their LARA system i installed ESXi on it. All was good, then I tried login in a couple hours later and i kept getting errors about my password being wrong... So, i tried a few more times, got pissed off and rebooted the box (had to do a hard reboot, since i couldn't even get in over KVM). I though this was a hardware issue, or a config issue, and left it... yesterday, i had the console open most of the day, and when looking at something i noticed this:
{{<cloudinary src="/v1530620877/20150520-esxi-login-errors.png">}}
{{<cloudinary src="v1530620877/20150520-esxi-login-errors.png">}}
Well, that's why I couldn't login! So, tip: create a second user account, name it something other than root, give it a secure password and use that to login to your ESXi box. Ideally, your ESXi box should be behind a firewall, but in the case of a dedicated server, that may not be financially feasible... Hope this helps someone!
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ you can manually download the tar and upload it, which i did.
Finally, speed test result below:
{{<cloudinary src="/v1530620885/20150805.ubiquiti.speedtest.compressed-resized.jpg">}}
{{<cloudinary src="v1530620885/20150805.ubiquiti.speedtest.compressed-resized.jpg">}}
More [Ubiquiti][2] stuff arriving tomorrow... will post more stuff then.
@@ -19,14 +19,14 @@ disqus_url:
What i wanted to do was setup a proper firewall between both networks, without the use of NAT... Do do this, i first had to disable th masquerading rules in Sophos:
{{<cloudinary src="/v1530620916/20150930-masquerading-off.png">}}
{{<cloudinary src="v1530620916/20150930-masquerading-off.png">}}
next, on the EdgeRouter, i added a static route to point at the new network:
{{<cloudinary src="/v1530620916/20150930-static-route.png">}}
{{<cloudinary src="v1530620916/20150930-static-route.png">}}
And finally, under firewall rules, i allowed what i wanted to allow (in this case, SSH from any DMZ client (not advised) to my Mac Mini).
{{<cloudinary src="/v1530620916/20150930-firewall-rules.png">}}
{{<cloudinary src="v1530620916/20150930-firewall-rules.png">}}
And that, as they say, is that! So far, so good!
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ on the local box. And, well, the results where not as expected. Pretty poor actu
First, using Squid installed on the DO box, i tried using WGET to download a file using it. If I did this on the DO box itself, i was getting 100MBytes/s... When I ran it over the MLPPP box, well, under 7 was achieved.
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530620915/20160402-sftp-over-mlppp-orig.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530620915/20160402-sftp-over-mlppp-orig.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="20160402-downloading-over-mlppp-orig.PNG">}}
@@ -25,17 +25,17 @@ Now, what about ZeroTier? Given they posted it to their twitter? Well, it worked
So, the question is, how fast? Well, on my [Surface Book][8] on a WiFi connection in the house, behind a [Meraki][2] [MX64][3] firewall, connecting to [the GodBoxV2][5] over FTP though ZeroTier, i get the following result:
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530620911/ftpdownload-zerotier-rs.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530620911/ftpdownload-zerotier-rs.png">}}
the same download over FTP direct (no ZeroTier) does the following:
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530620911/ftpdownload-direct.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530620911/ftpdownload-direct.png">}}
So, direct over FTP is faster... in this instance by about 70%, but, over the download, it did get slower (seen it hit 12 at one stage) and because its over WiFi, those are a bit wonky...
I did get one last screen shot:
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530620911/networkspeed.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530620911/networkspeed.png">}}
as you can see, the Zerotier network adapter is showing 77.3Mbps, but the main network adapter is showing 80.8Mbps. There would be other traffic there, but if we assume there is nothing but ZeroTier traffic being sent, there is about 5% of an overhead.
@@ -23,6 +23,6 @@ Those 3 servers now share an IPv6 address on the loopback port. When you (well,
So, how do you figure out what server responded? Simple. Open your Dev tools on your browser, go to network tab, refresh, and see the response headers for anything on this domain. You should see something like below.
{{<cloudinary src="/v1530702268/responding-server.png">}}
{{<cloudinary src="v1530702268/responding-server.png">}}
Over the next while, i will be updating with more details on how this works, and more stuff will end up on too. If anyone notices any weird and wonderful issues, shout. If you have more questions, shout.
@@ -31,11 +31,11 @@ I then ran 'fdisk -l' to see what disks i had to play with. on my machine sda an
So, my first test is the usual test: building the Linux Kernel. I know that this is something that the lads at [ServeTheHome]( do a lot but its something i wanted to try my self... So, first i installed `git` and `build essential`, then `bison`, `flex` and `ncurses-dev`, then i cloned Linus' git repo at `git://`. First things first: this machine has a twin 10gb link, a shead load of cores and some very fast storage. How long did it take to clone? it download 1.02 GiB at 35.32MiB/s (about 30 seconds and about 280Mbit/s) and all in, took **2 min 55 seconds** to clone. I then ran `time make -j 49` to see how long it would take... hmmm... no config file... `make menuconfig` and just hit save... defaults are grand... time `make -j 49` again... and more errors... after a bit of googling, i find the page from Ubuntu [showing what i need to do to build the kernel]( i follow that... download a LOT more stuff using their instructions, and finally, we get to build... Time: **6 min 12 seconds**... this is a FULL default build of the kernel...
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530618253/top_kernel_build_epy_hdb0R.jpg">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530618253/top_kernel_build_epy_hdb0R.jpg">}}
Same build on a VM on GodboxV2 (which was given 32GB RAM and 16 thread, so a full [Xeon E5-4620]( took **8min 27s** to clone (8.18MiB/s. or about 64Mbit/s) and **36 min to build**... yea, that is 3x less cores, 2x less memory, slower storage (This is on Spinny Disk, not SSD), slower network and it is also a VM VS bare metal, still, to be essentially 6 times slower? interesting... I might, at some stage, boot the machine off a live Linux USB and run some more tests, but not tonight...
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530618253/top-kernel-build-godboxv2.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530618253/top-kernel-build-godboxv2.png">}}
So, all this is because i was holding out for the main event... Photo processing... I wanted to do something "real life", which for me would be development and photo processing... the kernel build gives an idea of a large project build built, the image processing gives an idea of multimedia work...
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ title = "Auto deploying to multiple servers with GitHub and Webhooks"
In yesterdays post, i mentioned that i wanted to try get an auto deploy working for this site. It already builds automagically using Forestry and puts the static HTML into a Github repo, but i needed to manually update the servers hosting the site... Well, not any more!
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530809017/github-webhook.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530809017/github-webhook.png">}}
using the magic of [Github's Web hooks](, the [Webhook project]( and a small piece of bash shell script, i have managed to get this auto deploying...
@@ -30,19 +30,19 @@ The `--verbose` tag gives you lots of info, so its handy for testing. and then y
next, head over to your project on Github and go to settings:
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530810063/github-settings.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530810063/github-settings.png">}}
select webhooks and add new web hook
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530810063/github-webhook-list.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530810063/github-webhook-list.png">}}
Fill in the required details on the page, and click save.
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530810063/github-create-webhook.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530810063/github-create-webhook.png">}}
Github will go out and have a chat with the webhook and verify it can send and recieve stuff from the hook. You can see this in the deliveries section:
{{< cloudinary src="/v1530810063/github-webhook-deliveries.png">}}
{{< cloudinary src="v1530810063/github-webhook-deliveries.png">}}
Clicking on these will show you the headers that were sent, along with the payload, and you can also see the response from your server. Finally, you have the option of resending the payload, just in case anything goes wrong.
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
{{ if .IsNamedParams }}
<a href="{{ $.Site.Params.cloudinary_base_url }}w_auto,c_scale/{{.Get "src" }}"><img src="{{ $.Site.Params.cloudinary_base_url }}w_auto,c_scale/{{.Get "src" }}" alt=""></a>
<a href="{{.Get "src" }}"><img src="{{.Get "src" }}" alt=""></a>
{{ else }}
<a href="{{ $.Site.Params.cloudinary_base_url }}w_auto,c_scale/{{.Get 0}}"><img src="{{ $.Site.Params.cloudinary_base_url }}w_auto,c_scale/{{.Get 0}}" alt=""></a>
<a href="{{.Get 0}}"><img src="{{.Get 0}}" alt=""></a>
{{ end }}

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