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The website is deployed at

We decided to rebuild using React.js due to its rising popularity putting in mind the latest trends applied in the framework

Tech Stack

  • React -v "15.3.1"
  • Firebase -v "3.4.0"
  • Babel-core -v "6.14.0"
  • Babel-loader -v "6.2.5"
  • Babel-preset-react -v "6.11.1"
  • React-dom -v "15.3.1"
  • React-router -v "2.8.1"
  • Webpack -v "1.13.2"
  • Webpack-dev-server -v "1.15.1"
  • Bootstrap -v "3.3.7"


We wanted to build a multi-page website instead of the typical one-page websites supported by React.JS, so we followed the React Router Tutorial to integrate React Router into our application. Learning from example, we figured out how to have a fixed navbar at the top of every page in the application but have changing child components upon path changes. Through the CodeAcademy React.JS tutorials 1+2, the Firebase Docs, and trial/error, we have created our own version of Linkedin, Netly.

Installation instructions

  1. In App.js input your firebase API Keys
  2. Set up React.JS - Link
  3. Set up Firebase - Link
  4. Deploy the Application - Link
    • Change firebase.json's public node to point to build


Abdellatif Abdelfattah
Ahmad Abdeljabbar
Atef Alrwashdeh
Chris Van Horn
Parviz Latipov
Seling Chen - Team lead


Live Feed

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