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Fiddling around with the contentEditable attribute. Tracking browser support & collecting browser misbehaviors
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validator Improved html validation
.gitignore Changed git ignore and added basic php validator
browser_notes.txt Added note concerning selecting multiple elements in contentEditable …
editor.html Updated list of browser bugs and useful resources on contentEditable
external_script.js Added tests for css/js that is pasted into the contentEditable area
external_stylesheet.css Added tests for css/js that is pasted into the contentEditable area
onpaste_test.html autofocus test



This repo contains tests and demos for the contentEditable attribute introduced in the HTML5 spec.

Find the queryCommand browser compatibility table here:

Test editor:

Test drag&drop or copy&paste of external stuff here:


contentEditable attribute spec:

contentEdtable user interaction spec:

javascript api:

mozilla documentation:

strange behavior of contentEditable in ie:

the road to html5 contentEditable:

demo on quirksmode:

android bug tracker issue concerning support of contentEditable:

resources on why contentEditable doesn’t work on iOS:

tutorials on how to create a rich text editor cross browser

list of contentEditable misbehaviors in firefox 3.5 and how to workaround them

getting cursor position in contentEditable elements

list of webkit bugs with document.queryCommandState and document.queryCommandValue


  • Ingo Chao (ingochao)
  • Christopher Blum (tiff)
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