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Overcoming Noisy and Irrelevant Data in Federated Learning

Tensorflow implementation of our paper : Overcoming Noisy and Irrelevant Data in Federated Learning (ICPR)


  • Python 3.6
  • Tensorflow 1.15.2
  • Scikit_learn 0.24.1
  • scipy 1.2.0
  • xlrd 1.2.0
  • numpy 1.16.4

Structure of the project

The following structure is expected in the main directory:

./configs                   : Settings for each experiment
./datasets                  : Folders with dataset files and functions related to dataset
./datasets/daset_files      : Folders where dataset files need to be download
./models                    : Model architectures
./results                   : Results are saved in here , this folder will be automatically created
./utils                     : Helper functions
/             : Scripts realted to federated training
/                    : Main script
  • To run the experiment use / --config <name> --approach <approach> --samples_per_dataset <samples per dataset>, --pc_validation <pc>, --sim <sim> where name is the name of the config file corresponding to the experiment [ config_mnist_fashion], where approach is [0,1,2], with 0 for our proposed approach, 1 for 'ideal' baseline (i.e. without noise), 2 'naive' baseline (i.e. focus dataset and noise are trained together), where samples per dataset is the number of data samples per dataset, where pc is percentage of the target/focus dataset to use as benchmark (i.e. validation) and sim is the number of runs to average the results (Note: for baseline 1-2 pc can be set to any value, as it doesn't matter for the final results)


Experiment Strong noise, Target : Fashion :

Our approoch
python3 --config config_target_fashion --approach 0  --samples_per_dataset 500000 --pc_validation 0.03 --sim 1 
Ideal Baseline
python3 --config config_target_fashion --approach 1  --samples_per_dataset 500000 --pc_validation 0.03 --sim 1 
Naive Baseline
python3 --config config_target_fashion --approach 2  --samples_per_dataset 500000 --pc_validation 0.03 --sim 1 

Experiment Strong noise, Target : SVNH :

Our approoch
python3 --config config_target_svnh --approach 0  --samples_per_dataset 500000 --pc_validation 0.03 --sim 1 
Ideal Baseline
python3 --config config_target_svhn --approach 1  --samples_per_dataset 500000 --pc_validation 0.03 --sim 1 
Naive Baseline
python3 --config config_target_svnh --approach 2  --samples_per_dataset 500000 --pc_validation 0.03 --sim 1 

Experiment parameters:

In the config files, located in the configs folder, one can specify:

Target/noise scenario
  • dataset_list : Each scenario is described as a list, where the first dataset of the list is the target/focus dataset and the remaining dataset(s) is the noise For example:
    • dataset_list= [dataset_mnist,dataset_fashion,dataset_cifar10_gray,dataset_svnh_gray]
Training (i.e. both validation and federated)
  • n_category (i.e. number of classes in the target/focus dataset)
  • model_name (i.e. specify architecture of the model for example : 'ModelCNNMnist')
  • percentage_batch (i.e. size of the mini-batch, determines as a percentage of the total number of data)
  • step_size
Specific to Federated Training
  • total_iterations (i.e. number of iterations for federated training )
  • n_nodes (i.e. number of nodes)
  • dataset_file_path (i.e. Folder for dataset)
  • results_file_path (i.e. Folder for results )

Results Folder

The results folder contains different files:

Intermediary results :

  • dico-order.csv : ranking of the samples by " importance" order, with their respective loss function values evaluate on the benchmark/validation model
  • dico-validation.csv : loss function values obtained on the benchmark/validation dataset
  • loss-accu-validation.csv : log of the training of the validation dataset (format : iterations, loss train, loss test, accu train, accu test)

Final results :

  • loss-acc.csv : final results with the following format : iterations, approach, loss_train_focus, loss_train_noise, accuracy_test_focus, accuracy_test_noise, accuracy_test_validation

where :

  • loss_train_focus is the loss value obtained on the focus/target dataset during training
  • loss_train_noise is the loss value obtained on the noise dataset during training
  • accuracy_test_focus is the testing accuracy obtained on the focus/target dataset
  • accuracy_test_noise is the testing accuracy obtained on the noise dataset
  • accuracy_test_validation is the testing accuracy obtained when training only on the benchmark/validation dataset (Note: only available for approach 0 )


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