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Sublime Text package for to do lists

Available on Package Control – ToDone


This package is a simple tool for creating to do lists with the following features:

  • Hierarchically organized tasks
  • 5 levels of importance for tasks
  • Notes of any length for any task
  • Set a task to either completed or cancelled
  • Set a task to an emergency state

To do lists are just plain text files with syntax highlighting applied. The intent is for this to make them easy to manage.

The language syntax is ToDone, and files with the extension todo are automatically set to the this language syntax.



The format for a task item is generally a hyphen then a hard-tab then the task title:

-       Some title

The number of hyphens indicates the importance of the task: 5 hyphens for the most important, 1 hyphen for the least important.

-       Not that important
-----   Very important

Sub tasks

Sub tasks are the same as any other task, they are just indented.

-       A top level task
        -       First sub task
        -       Second sub task


A task can have notes associated with it. There are three formats for notes:

Same line - All text after a colon :

-       Some title: This is a note

New line - Lines of text with a greater indentation than the task's first hyphen

-       Some title
        This is a note

Note block - Blocks of text starting and ending with three forward slashes ///

-       Some title ///
        This is a note
        - this is still the note
        - and so is this

Text within a note can be emphasized by wrapping it with back quotes: `

-       Some title: This has a `special` note

Task states

Completed tasks

Completed tasks have a plus sign + in front of the first hyphen. The completed state can be toggled using the "Toggle Comment" shortcut (super+/ for Mac or ctrl+/ for Linux and Windows). Any sub-tasks are automatically considered completed, as well.

+-      This is completed
        -       This sub task is considered completed, too

Emergency tasks

Tasks can be emphasized by putting an exclamation mark ! in front of the tasks first hyphen. This state is applied to any sub tasks.

!-      This task is now considered dire
        -       So is this one, by association

Cancelled tasks

Tasks can be dimmed to make them easier to ignore by putting a period . in front of the tasks first hyphen. A note about the cancellation can be defined by enclosing text in parentheses at the beginning of the title of the task. This state is applied to any sub tasks.

.-      (reason cancelled) Some title
        -       This is cancelled, too


The goto menu (super+r on Mac) is set up to show only current tasks. Completed tasks and cancelled tasks are filtered out.

Discussion Group!forum/to-done


Simple, hierarchical, prioritized to do lists in plain text




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