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TIG Postcode service examples
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TIG Postcode service examples


This repository provides several usage examples of our Postcode service that you can implement in your environment immediately. For more information about our Postcodeservice please visit The examples in this repository are completely free to use and edit.

The examples provided make use of the TIG Test account. Remember that usage of this account is limited. To make use of our service it is required to have your own Client ID and Secure Code. If you do not have either of those yet feel free to request your own test account by contacting TIG by calling 020-21 81 000 or sending an e-mail to


Set up your own environment. Copy the code that fits your programming environment and run the code. All of the scripts will have the same output, which is the street and place.

Fill in the methods with your own zipcode and housenumber and you will get your own street and place as a result.

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