An project to port Android 4.4.4 to Jetson TK1
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This is a personal project to port Android to NVIDIA's Jetson TK1.

The detail steps of the porting can be found here:

How to Deploy

  • copy hardware/realtck to aosp/hardware/
  • copy vendor/nvidia to aosp/vendor/
  • copy device/nvidia to aosp/nvidia
  • use git to apply the patches in patch/

How to Flash the Images

  • after compile aosp, copy boot.img, recovery.img, system.img, cache.img and userdata.img from aosp/out/target/product/jetsontk1/ to flash_tools
  • run "./" to flash all the images

Known Issues

  • Usb drive can't be mounted
  • adb can only work after resume
  • ethernet not work
  • no hdmi audio output in some resolutions
  • auido playback will stop when lose focus
  • PPTV Android pad: no audio output when switch to full screen
  • can't support background audio playback
  • when playing, only two volume value supported: either 0 or max
  • QQ music: the sound becomes vibrato after playing a while
  • kernel panic while connecting to l2tp vpn