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Brian's functional test failed. I suspect this is because of his lack of disk space.
However, we need to ensure that this still works, provided that there IS enough disk space.

Here is Brian's test, for reference.

FUNCTIONAL TEST: NEW VM’s WITH NEW PROJECT – Fail. The system remained stable even when VMware interface could not. However, the project was not successfully created.

I created a new project named G3030 at 10:53 and setup 2 new VM’s (gapdev3030dc and gapdev3030dns) with different base images to build at 11. It wasn’t until a little after 11 that I connected to the VMware Server GUI and discovered that the remaining disk space was limited. I didn’t even have enough time to check the size of the base images before the GUI stopped responding. I doubt that has anything to do with your work. I hate that GUI; it’s always been unstable for me. That’s part of the reason I wanted the VMAT system in the first place.

The good news is that the VMAT system was still completely responsive. I was still able to rdp into the VMware server and check the datastore, to verify VM sizes, and it did not look like it should be an issue. The bad news is that the new images had not started to copy, and the project I created (G3030) did not have a directory. While the unstable GUI was 1 reason I requested the project, scheduling new VM’s was a primary reason.

Because of these results, I wanted to do some further testing. So I waited a long time before revisiting this one. I came back at 1:21, and there was still no G3030 project folder. For kicks, I checked the Exception Log and found the following entry at 11:33 “No jobs scheduled due to lack of configuration. Just to throw a wrench into things, 11:33 was the original create time setup in the Host Configuration page before I changed it to 11:00. I was tempted to test that “Run all scheduled tasks now” button while I was on the page. Instead, I added a third VM to the G3030 project at 1:29 (gapdev3030three) just to see what happens later, and then executed the next 2 tests.

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