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Python Exercises, from basic to not-so-basic.


If you do I.T. development projects for the Cloud (AWS or OpenStack), and in general you are a DevOps or a SysOps with certain development background, you surelly had found (as I did) that python-programming knowledge is "almost" as vital as shell scripting with sh/bash.

In my case, after I spent a lot of my first years on I.T. programming in C/C++ (mostly windows..jejeje, later Linux), and after passing my last 15 years more like a "SysOps" than a "DevOps", I recently found myself again in complete love with OOP using python (mostly 2.7 series) for my regular work, or just for the fun of it !.

Don't consider me a "ooohhhh what a programmer" because I'm not thaaaaattt good. My first programs in C/C++ where mostly and mainly related to solve "real-life" mechanical engineering problems (ehh yes... I'm a mechanical engineer graduate).. things like Air-conditioning systems load-calculations, hydraulic systems simulations and the like. My actual line-of-job is completelly oriented to services running in the cloud (OpenStack and AWS), so my actual scripts are focused on that !.

Anyway, time ago when I learned C/C++, I constructed and documented exercises going trough all C/C++ core programming could offer. Latelly, and in order to learn python the most time-effective way and not miss anything important in python, I've decided to do the same, and publish the revised versions of my python exercise library so others can learn the same way I did, and in general, to provide a reference of things you can actually do with python.

What you'll find here ??:

You'll see here two main directories:

  • CORE: This include about 67 exercises convering everything from python core programming, to things more complex like descriptors, decorators and metaclasses. The exercises are quite simple really, and, with a lot of inline comments in order to explain things the most easy way I could find. Some of the exercises are based on things I've found on Internet or python books I've used to teach myself (the same I did years ago when I learned C/C++). This section is already completed, but If I find more basic things that I consider can help others to learn, I'll include here too.
  • SPECIAL: This is a constant/ongoing work-in-progress, that will cover more special (and advanced and real-life) cases of python usage... things like tkinter, sqlalchemy, AWS with Botocore, access to message brokers (rabbit/redis), etc.

If I don't want or I can't run the scripts, did you included sample outputs ?:

Yes... for almost all the scripts you'll find a "sample-output.txt" file with the actual output produced by the script. Some exceptions apply, like the tkinter exercises and some interactive scripts.

Then, our directories here:


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