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A Redmine Installation with Gitolite Integration ON CENTOS 7.


If you do I.T. development projects "the right way", you surelly use both project-tracking and version-control tools. Sites like GitHub can provide to you the "version-control" part with it's git-based repositories, and even you can set some tools to help you do the project-tracking part, but, if you need "serious" project tracking, you need something like Redmine.

Redmine is one of the best project-tracking solutions in the OpenSource world, and also it's very extensible due it's plugin-based approach.

Now, what if you need to provision local repositories in your workplace, and also have your un redmine server fully integrated with a git-provisioning solution ?. Then this recipe is for you!.

In this recipe, we'll show you how to install your very own redmine, and, integrate to it a git-provisioning solution trough redmine-plugins.

Our Recipe:

This recipe is based on Centos 7 with EPEL repo. Of course you can use RHEL or Scientific Linux too if you want, but, the EPEL repo is mandatory due the fact that some of the packages used by our recipe are located in EPEL.

With no more delay, find our recipe in the following link:

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