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Zabbix ( is one of the best OpenSource monitoring solutions for corporative environments, and is also very easy to implement in a private cloud. In my last 7 years I have been implementing this software after being working with other similar solutions (cacti, plain-old mrtg, etc.) for the pervious 10 years and more recently a workmate and me migrated from a single-central (virtual) zabbix 2.2 server to a more robust, higly available, zabbix 3 solution. This solution is what I'm going to document in this recipe.

This solution is based on one of my former recipes in this site (MariaDB 10.1 cluster, with 3 nodes, are deployed on our OpenStack-based private cloud), and with an active/pasive Zabbix 3 cluster using pacemaker/corosync on Centos 7 (very similar to my former PostgreSQL H.A. DRBD recipe, also on this site).

What kind of hardware and software you need ?.

First the database cluster: Our solution uses MariaDB 10.1 backend, load-balanced with OpenStack LBaaS (single VIP). This MariaDB Cluster is based on 3 nodes (magic number), multi-master, asynchronous model. The recipe used is in this site, and referenced by the following link:

The Zabbix Service is based on two Centos 7 O/S servers (EPEL Installed, SELINUX/FirewallD disabled), in an active/pasive model using Pacemaker/Corosync. The VIP is floating (declared as address-pair in OpenStack) an configured as a corosync/pacemaker resource. The Zabbix and httpd services are also managed by pacemaker/corosync.

About the software: You'll need a machine with the following software requeriments:

What knowledge should you need to have at hand ?:

  • General Linux administration.
  • Monitoring concepts - specially with Zabbix.
  • Cluster concepts (pacemaker/corosync).
  • Optional but recommended: Layer 4 Load Balancing concepts.

What files you'll find here ?:

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