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Simple web based Python 3 IDE with Brython and Github integration
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Brython-Server is a Flask-based web application focused on providing a simple Python 3 development environment where source files are hosted on Github.

You can try a development version of Brython-Server to get a feel for how it works.

Brief Instructions

When the page loads, you can begin writing Python 3 code right away. To execute your code, press the > button.

To load Python 3 source code hosted on Github, you must should first log in to Github with the LOGIN button. Github will ask you to authorize Brython-Server in the next page.

To load your source, paste the Github URL of your source file or repository into the text control at the top of the page. Press <Enter> or the LOAD button to retrieve the source from Github.

You may make any changes you want to the source code and re-run it. If you would like to save your work back to Github, just press the COMMIT button.

NOTE: If you paste in a repository URL that points to multiple Python 3 source files, Brython-Server will make a feeble attempt to identify a primary source file. If you want to force a specific file, then past the URL to that specific file.


See these instructions for deploying Brython-Server to a Linux web server.

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