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A list of sites built with Jigsaw
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Built With Jigsaw

Sites built with Jigsaw.


  • Allow for more than one type per site
  • Design
  • Consider adding URL per author?
  • Add interviews?
  • Add more sites (ask around online)
  • Hunt down more articles
  • Add more sites (scrape from GitHub search for tightenco/jigsaw)
  • Add "type" (e.g. portfolio, sales site, etc.)
  • Add Jigsaw articles as well
  • Make the site type in the cards clickable

How to add a site

  • Fork this repo
  • Clone your fork locally
  • Run in the root project directory
  • Add a screenshot of your site to source/assets/images/sites/your-site-name.png, using the same base file name as the markdown file generated by E.g. if your resulting markdown file is, name your screenshot file my-site.png
  • Optional: run composer install && npm install && npm run dev, so you can preview your changes locally
  • Commit your changes (and only your changes; this should comprise two added files), and push to your fork
  • Submit a PR against this repo
  • 🎉
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