Quick new application creation with Laravel and Valet
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Run `npm install` or `yarn` on the project.



Super-powered laravel new for Laravel and Valet.


composer global require tightenco/lambo


composer global update tightenco/lambo

If this doesn't get you the latest version, check the file at ~/.composer/composer.json. If your version spec for Lambo is ^0.1.#, change it to be ~0.1.


Make sure ~/.composer/vendor/bin is in your terminal's path.

cd ~/Sites
lambo superApplication

This will laravel new superApplication, change into that directory, make an initial Git commit, and open your web browser to that app.

What exactly does it do?

  • laravel new $PROJECTNAME
  • Initialize a git repo, add all of the files, and make a commit with the text "Initial commit."
  • Replace the .env database credentials with the default Mac MySQL credentials: database of $PROJECTNAME, user root, and empty password
  • Replace the .env APP_URL with $PROJECTNAME.$YOURVALETTLD
  • Open $PROJECTNAME.$YOURVALETTLD in your browser

Optional Arguments

  • -h or --help to get the help dialog

    lambo --help
  • -p or --path to specify where to install the application.

    lambo superApplication -p ~/Sites
  • -m or --message to set the first commit message.

    lambo superApplication -m "This lambo runs fast!"
  • -e or --editor to define your editor command. Whatever is passed here will be run as $EDITOR . after creating the project.

    # runs "subl ." in the project directory after creating the project
    lambo superApplication -e subl
  • -d or --dev to choose the develop branch instead of master, getting the beta install

    lambo superApplication --dev
  • -a or --auth to use Artisan to scaffold all of the routes and views you need for authentication

    lambo superApplication --auth
  • -n or --node to run yarn if installed, otherwise runs npm install after creating the project

    lambo superApplication --node


An Ubuntu fork of Valet can be find here


Inspired by Taylor Otwell and Adam Wathan's work on Valet.

Name from TJ Miller, inspired by Taylor's love for the lambo.