A fake mailer for Laravel Applications for testing mail.
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MailThief is a fake mailer for Laravel applications (5.0+) that makes it easy to test mail without actually sending any emails.



composer require tightenco/mailthief --dev

Example route:

Route::post('register', function () {
    // <snip> Validation, create account, etc. </snip>

    Mail::send('emails.welcome', [], function ($m) {
        $email = request('email');
        $m->subject('Welcome to my app!');
        $m->getHeaders()->addTextHeader('X-MailThief-Variables', 'mailthief');

    // <snip> Return response </snip>

If you're copying this sample test, remember to create an email view at resources/views/emails/welcome.blade.php.

Example test:

use MailThief\Testing\InteractsWithMail;

class RegistrationTest extends TestCase
    // Provides convenient testing traits and initializes MailThief
    use InteractsWithMail;

    public function test_new_users_are_sent_a_welcome_email()
        $this->post('register', [
            'name' => 'John Doe',
            'email' => 'john@example.com',
            'password' => 'secret',

        // Check that an email was sent to this email address

        // BCC addresses are included too

        // Make sure the email has the correct subject
        $this->seeMessageWithSubject('Welcome to my app!');

        // Make sure the email was sent from the correct address

        // Make sure a given header is set on an email

        // Make sure the header is set to a given value
        $this->seeHeaders('X-MailThief-Variables', 'mailthief');

        // Make sure the email contains text in the body of the message
        // Default is to search the html rendered view
        $this->assertTrue($this->lastMessage()->contains('Some text in the message'));
        // To search in the raw text
        $this->assertTrue($this->lastMessage()->contains('Some text in the message', 'raw'));

MailThief supports just about everything you can do with the regular Laravel Mailer and Message classes. More detailed documentation is coming soon, but in the mean time, explore the MailThief and Message classes to get an idea of what's available.

If you’re using the new Mailables syntax in Laravel 5.3, you can use the native mail assertions. But if you’re using the classic mail syntax in any version of Laravel, MailThief is still your best option.