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The container-native distributed file system
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ContainerFS is a container-native distributed filesystem as a unified platform for unstructured data storage.

  • unlimited small files and large files.

  • append-only or random writes

  • scale-out metadata management

  • strong consistency

  • multi-tenancy: millions of filesystem volumes

  • POSIX-compatible

Containerfs has been built and deployed in production since 2013.








CFS consists of several components:

  • the cluster master. single raft replication, managing volumes, metanodes, datanodes, meta-partitions and data-partitions

  • metanode. multi-raft replication, a meta partition (inode range) per replication state machine

  • datanode. de-clustering of data partitions, two storage engines - Blob Store (BS) and Extent Store (ES), optimized for small and large files respectively.

  • client interfaces: FUSE, Java SDK, Go SDK, Linux kernel


master: single-raft

metadata partition: multi-raft

data partition: chained append-only replication for append operations; multi-raft for extent updates


  • mounted by containers for decoupling storage from compute

integrated with Kubernetes to run various workloads from application microservices to complex databases e.g., HBase, MyRocks, ElasticSearch, and ChuBao DB

  • Image Store

based on the namespace-less key-file interface, nginx integration

  • Object Store

integration with minio





Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. For detail see LICENSE and NOTICE.