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Plugin for TotalCommander. It creates catalogs (lists) of the selected files/directories, with user-defined list format.

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This is a plugin for Total Commander software.
It creates catalogs (lists) of the selected files/directories, with user-defined list format.

Automatic installation
Double click on the plugin archive in Total Commander,
then follow the instructions

Manual installation
1. Unzip the WCX or WCX64 to the Total Commander directory
2. In Total Commander, choose Configuration - Options
3. Open the 'Packer' page
4. Click on "Configure packer extension WCXs" on the packer page
5. type  lst as the extension, or any other unused extension
6. Click 'New type', and select the CatalogMaker.wcx/wcx64
7. Click OK

How to use this plugin
1. You can create file list 
 - select files and directories
 - press Alt+F5
 - select "->" in Packer area and take lst from the drop-down list.
 - press Configure for setup plugin
2. You can enter to list file by pressing Enter on file name

Source code

If you enjoy using this plugin, you can support my work with a donation. 
Payment could be made via PayPal or Yandex Money system ($3)

Best reagrds,
Polyakov Konstantin

Change history

 - it was corrected file and date display inside file list

 - it was corrected some errors;
 - size and date display was changed

    - it was corrected some errors

    - seconds display was added and directories comparing was enable

ver. 2.0
    - it was changed format of list file, because old one didn't provide
      correct work. There were file names which could not be recognize correctly
      It was added list header and all column were aligned

    - it was added new option - "Print extension separately"

    - it was changed sort algorithm. Now the files with same extensions, date, time ...
      will be sorted by file name

    - it was correct GUI. 

ver. 2.1
    - it was corrected directory list creating bug. List of directories (without file names) 
      had incorrect header

    - the plugin checks if file with same name is already exist And if it is exist then
      the plugin will ask you about rewriting

    - plugin saves options on hard disk in CatalogMaker.ini file. When user press OK the options
      will be saved on hard disk. When user open options windows these options will be restored
      from configuration file

    - it was improved algorithm file list reading.

ver. 2.2
    - it was corrected a bug which was in procedure reading a list file. 
    - it was improved the algorithm of reading of list files

ver. 2.3
    - it was corrected bug which took place during creation an empty list 
    - it was corrected wrong work of the text boxes in the options window under Windows xp

ver. 2.4
    - new feature was added - new option "Unsorted" in Sort Tab
      this option disables sorting function and file names are printed in same order as they 
      are received from TotalCommander

ver. 3.0.0
    - date and time of directories creation and their attributes are now stored by the plugin
    - it is possible to store full path name for directories

ver. 3.0.1 
    - empty File Types string on View page is understood as any file type "*.*". This value will be 
      added instead file type value automatically if it is empty
ver. 3.1.2
    - now plugin can open file from file list if file is present on disks and 
      file list contains full file name. In other words if plugin can find the file
      on disks it will open the file. Plugin emulates extraction of the file from
      archive by copying this file to temporary dir which was provided by Total Commander.
      After that plugin stops its work. The Total Commander opens the file and checks its
      status. When this file will be closed Total Commander will delete it from the temp
    - it was corrected bug - wrong dir`s date and attributes format in case
      option "print extensions separately" is set
ver. 3.1.4
    - fixed - reading problem of list files which contains full file names
      and short directories names
    - fixed - reading problem of list files which has small size < 1000 bytes
ver. 3.1.5
    - fixed - crash if path to plugin is longer than 100 chars 
ver. 3.1.6
    - fixed - incorrect work with file sizes >2GB
ver. 3.1.7
    - fixed - plugin didn't read configuration before file list creation.
      config window sould be opened on order to load settings from ini file

ver. 3.1.8
    - added - the x64 inofficial port by Thomas Beutlich
      ( Thank you very much, Thomas!
    - fixed - problem when user settings were not saved to hdd because of access denied, 
      incorrect folder (current plugin dir) was used for that.

ver. 3.1.9
    - fixed - problem when ini file each time during the same TotalCmd session was written
      one directory higher than previous time begining from working directory of TotalCmd.

ver. 4.0.0 - 09/07/2019
    - new - introduced Unicode characters support. Now file lists are written in UTF-16 LE BOM.
      New file lists will not be read by the old version of plugin. 
      New plugin supports old file lists created before. New plugin can also work with old versions of TotalCommander, 
      since it keeps old API.
ver. 4.1.0 - 26/04/2020
    - new - directory size can be calculated now, new parameter is introduced on View page in Configuration window.
      Warning: including directory size could decrease performance of the plugin.
      So if you do not need directory size, keep this option unchecked.
    - fixed - sorting issue in some rare cases, when some directory has name, 
      which equals to begining of name of another directory, that followed by space. 
      For example "Algorithms\Coursera" was greater than "Algorithms - CRC\"
    - fixed - files in the root directory had wrong indent
ver. 4.1.1 - 08/03/2021
    - fixed - possible crash when full file name length is longer than 259 characters

ver. 4.1.3 - 28/12/2021
    - fixed - wrong file info (size, attributes, date) if full file name is longer than 259 characters
              Fixed unpack and execute function for such files.
    - fixed - wrong size if file or directory bigger than 1Tb


Plugin for TotalCommander. It creates catalogs (lists) of the selected files/directories, with user-defined list format.