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Releases: tiglat/catalog_maker

Release 4.1.3 bug fix

28 Dec 17:39
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ver. 4.1.3 - 28/12/2021

  • fixed - wrong file info (size, attributes, date) if full file name is longer than 259 characters
    Fixed unpack and execute function for such files.
  • fixed - wrong size if file or directory bigger than 1Tb

Release 4.1.1 bug fix

08 Apr 23:26
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ver. 4.1.1 - 08/03/2021
- fixed - possible crash when full file name length is longer than 259 characters

Directory size calculation

02 May 20:54
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ver. 4.1.0 - 26/04/2020
- new - directory size can be calculated now, new parameter is introduced on View page in Configuration window.
Warning: including directory size could decrease performance of the plugin.
So if you do not need directory size, keep this option unchecked.
- fixed - sorting issue in some rare cases, when some directory has name,
which equals to begining of name of another directory, that followed by space.
For example "Algorithms\Coursera" was greater than "Algorithms - CRC"
- fixed - files in the root directory had wrong indent


31 Jul 17:11
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Introduced Unicode characters support. Now file lists are written in UTF-16 LE BOM.

Current stable version 3.1.9.

09 Mar 15:10
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  • fixed - problem when ini file each time during the same TotalCmd session was written
    one directory higher than previous time begining from working directory of TotalCmd.


  • исправлена ошибка, при которой каждая новая запись ini-файла в пределах одной сессии работы TotalCmd происходила на один каталог выше, начиная с рабочей директории TotalCmd.