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This repository comes from a two-day working session in which we documented as much as we knew about Bluetooth LE now (June 2014). The participants were Tom Igoe, Don Coleman, Alasdair Allan, Sandeep Mistry, JB Kim, Guan Yang, Natasha Dzurny, Jeff Feddersen (videographer) and others. Our goal was to provide a good general overview of Bluetooth LE, and to explain a bit about how to make custom Bluetooth LE devices. The best place to start is the An overview of Bluetooth LE.

The intended audience for this is the casual programmer. We're assuming you've had an introduction to programming, most likely in something like Arduino,Processing,PhoneGap, or node.js. We assume you know basically what Bluetooth LE is, and that it's different from Bluetooth 2.0. We don't assume you're a professional programmer, and we'll do what we can to give you introductions to concepts you may not be familiar with as we go.

#Getting Started Guides

Video Explanations

Shot by Jeff with Tom and Don talking

#To Do

  • Getting Started page for each board/library
  • Al: finish and add overview of the different BLE boards and products
  • Full walkthrough of creating a custom service in nRFGoStudio
  • Installing BGScript and CC Debugger on Mac?
  • Full walkthrough of doing same in BGScript
  • Tackle the phoneGap Plugin
  • Add hard limit numbers to connection characteristics

#List of Devices and Libraries