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QuoteSelection plugin for Vanilla forums
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Quote Selection plugin version 0.8 for Vanilla 2


This plugin provides users a tool to quote selected parts of discssion, quotes are formatted according to current InputFormatter setting (currently supported InputFormatters are: Markdown, Html and BBCode). Currently should work well with visual editors, keeping formatting of selected text.


Copy QuoteSelection directory to plugins/ and enable plugin in dashboard.


There is no configuration currently. But you can localize this plugin to your language by adding thie following strings to definitions.php file:

$Definition["Quote"] = "<Quote Button text>";
$Definition["%s said"] = "<Text for quote title>";

Known Issues



0.8 [2013.10.10]

  • Fixed it for new layout.

0.7 [2010.12.10]

  • Fixed bug when "Cancel" button in inline comment edit form was not closing it, but redirecting to discussions list page.
  • Better support for alternative editors (such as WYSIWYG).
  • New way to determine selection position. Selection problem should be fixed.
  • Fix bug with button popping up on selections within inline edit textarea.

0.6 [2010.07.21]

  • Minor fixes.

0.5 [2010.06.24]

  • Automatically convert absolute links to anchors only, so that user could jump to comments that are on current page without page reload.
  • Small optimization - use DiscussionController_RenderBefore instead of Base_Render_Before.
  • JS code rewrite in order to make it reusable, object quoteSelection added.

0.4 [2010.06.20]

  • Fix bug with bbCode and HTML generation.

0.3 [2010.06.18]

  • Make this feature work only for registered users.


This code is licensed under GPL free license.


Igor Tarasov (email/gtalk/jabber)
GitHub repository:
Issue tracker:

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