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Quantum Infodynamics: Theory of Motion of Matter-Energy-Information in the Real Space
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Quantum Infodynamics

Theory of Motion in Real Space

This repository contains the programs and any other materials related to Quantum Infodynamics.

  • dynamics [MAIN]--- Tools for simulating any [info]dynamical system on both the quantum and classical level

  • classical-mechanics/pendulum --- Mathematical Pendulum Simulator (GUI, using Qt)

For more information see the project's website at

Tested with the following versions:

  • Python 3.7.0

  • numpy 1.15.1

  • scipy 1.1.0

  • matplotlib 2.2.3

  • PyFFTW 0.10.4

  • PyQt5 5.11.2

Minimal pre-requisites for using our python programs

  • Python >= 3.6.3

  • numpy >= 1.13.3

  • scipy >= 1.0.0

  • matplotlib >= 2.1.0

  • PyFFTW >= 0.10.4 (but the slower scipy.fftpack or even numpy.fft can be used where PyFFTW is not available)

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