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""" --- Quantum Infodynamics Tools - Solution Playback
Author: Tigran Aivazian <>
License: GPL
import matplotlib as mplt
from numpy import load, linspace, mgrid, memmap, append, unique
from argparse import ArgumentParser as argp
from time import time
p = argp(description="Quantum Infodynamics Tools - Solution Playback")
p.add_argument("-s", action="append", help="Solution data filename (multiple OK)", dest="sfilenames", required=True, default=[])
p.add_argument("-o", action="store", help="Output animation to the file", dest="ofilename")
p.add_argument("-r", action="store", help="Number of frames per second [25]", dest="fps", type=int, default=25)
p.add_argument("-np", action="store_true", help="Do not plot momentum distribution", dest="nophi")
p.add_argument("-W", action="store_true", help="Animate W(x,p,t) only", dest="Wonly")
p.add_argument("-l", action="store_true", help="Pre-load solution data before animation", dest="preload")
p.add_argument("-c", action="store", help="Number of contour levels of W(x,p,t) to plot [100]", dest="clevels", type=int, default=100)
p.add_argument("-fw", action="store", help="Frame width in pixels [1920]", dest="framew", type=int, default=1920)
p.add_argument("-fh", action="store", help="Frame height in pixels [1080]", dest="frameh", type=int, default=1080)
args = p.parse_args()
Wonly, fps, ofilename, preload, nophi = args.Wonly, args.fps, args.ofilename, args.preload, args.nophi
if ofilename: preload = True
assert fps > 0
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib import cm, animation
# our own modules
from midnorm import MidpointNormalize
from progress import ProgressBar
mplt.rc('font', family='serif', size=10)
Wlevels,Wticks,Wfilenames,x1,x2,Nx,p1,p2,Np,H,U,T,Hmin,Hmax,E,Emin,Emax) = ([] for _ in range(30))
for sfilename in args.sfilenames:
with load(sfilename + '.npz') as data:
t.append(data['t']); rho.append(data['rho']); phi.append(data['phi']); H.append(data['H'])
U.append(data['U']); T.append(data['T']); H0.append(data['H0'])
E.append(data['E']); params = data['params'][()]
Wmin.append(params['Wmin']); Wmax.append(params['Wmax'])
Emin.append(params['Emin']); Emax.append(params['Emax'])
Wlevels.append(linspace(Wmin[-1], Wmax[-1], args.clevels)); Wticks.append(linspace(Wmin[-1], Wmax[-1], 10))
rho_min.append(params['rho_min']); rho_max.append(params['rho_max'])
phi_min.append(params['phi_min']); phi_max.append(params['phi_max'])
Wfilenames.append(params['Wfilename']); Nt.append(params['Nt'])
x1.append(params['x1']); x2.append(params['x2']); Nx.append(params['Nx'])
p1.append(params['p1']); p2.append(params['p2']); Np.append(params['Np'])
Hmin.append(params['Hmin']); Hmax.append(params['Hmax']); descr.append(params['descr'])
W = [memmap(filename, mode='r', dtype='float64', shape=(nt,nx,np)) for (filename,nt,nx,np) in zip(Wfilenames,Nt,Nx,Np)]
xvdx = [linspace(x1i, x2i, Nxi, endpoint=False, retstep=True) for (x1i,x2i,Nxi) in zip(x1,x2,Nx)]
pvdp = [linspace(p1i, p2i, Npi, endpoint=False, retstep=True) for (p1i,p2i,Npi) in zip(p1,p2,Np)]
dx = [a[1] for a in xvdx]
dp = [a[1] for a in pvdp]
xxpp = [mgrid[x1i:x2i-dxi:Nxi*1j, p1i:p2i-dpi:Npi*1j] for (x1i,x2i,dxi,Nxi,p1i,p2i,dpi,Npi) in zip(x1,x2,dx,Nx,p1,p2,dp,Np)]
Hlevels = [unique(append(linspace(hmin, hmax, 10),h0)) for (hmin,hmax,h0) in zip(Hmin,Hmax,H0)]
from mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1 import make_axes_locatable
t_longest = max(t, key=len)
s_longest = t.index(t_longest)
time_steps = len(t_longest)
nsol = len(t)
norm = [MidpointNormalize(midpoint=0.0) for _ in range(nsol)]
if Wonly:
nplots = 1
if nophi:
nplots = 2
nplots = 3
fig, axes = plt.subplots(nsol, nplots, figsize=(args.framew/100,args.frameh/100), dpi=100)
if nsol == 1: axes = [axes]
s = 0
c_artists,h_artists,U_artists,T_artists,rho_init_artists,phi_init_artists = ([] for _ in range(6))
for ax in axes:
if Wonly:
ax = [ax]
xx,pp = xxpp[s][0],xxpp[s][1]
xv = xvdx[s][0]
pv = pvdp[s][0]
imh = ax[0].contour(xx, pp, H[s], levels=Hlevels[s], linewidths=0.5, colors='k')
im = ax[0].contourf(xx, pp, W[s][0], levels=Wlevels[s], norm=norm[s], cmap=cm.bwr)
divider = make_axes_locatable(ax[0])
cax = divider.append_axes("right", "2%", pad="1%")
plt.colorbar(im, cax = cax, ticks=Wticks[s], format=mplt.ticker.FuncFormatter(lambda x, pos: "%3.1f" % x))
if not Wonly:
ax[1].set_title(r"$\rho(x,t), E_0=$ % 6.3f, $E_{min}=$% 6.3f, $E_{max}=$% 6.3f" % (E[s][0],Emin[s],Emax[s]))
rho_init_artists += [ax[1].plot(xv, rho[s][0], color='green', label=r'$\rho_0(x)$')[0]]
U_artists += [ax[1].plot(xv, U[s], color='black', label='$U(x)$')[0]]
if not nophi:
phi_init_artists += [ax[2].plot(pv, phi[s][0], color='green', label=r'$\varphi_0(p)$')[0]]
T_artists += [ax[2].plot(pv, T[s], color='blue', label='$T(p)$')[0]]
s += 1
if not ofilename:
progress = ProgressBar(time_steps, msg="Preloading" if preload else "Playing back")
frame = 0
def next_frame():
global frame
frame += 1
if frame == time_steps: frame = 0
def prev_frame():
global frame
frame -= 1
if frame == -1: frame = time_steps - 1
def animate_all(k):
s = 0
artists = []
for ax in axes:
if s == s_longest:
time_index = frame
else: # find an element in t[s] closest to the current time value (i.e. t_longest[k])
time_index = abs(t[s] - t_longest[frame]).argmin()
if not preload:
for c in c_artists[s].collections: c.remove()
xx,pp = xxpp[s][0],xxpp[s][1]
xv,pv = xvdx[s][0],pvdp[s][0]
c_artists[s] = ax[0].contourf(xx, pp, W[s][time_index], levels=Wlevels[s], norm=norm[s], cmap=cm.bwr, animated=True)
rho_now = rho[s][time_index]
rho_artist, = ax[1].plot(xv, rho_now, color='black', animated=True)
rho_plus = ax[1].fill_between(xv, 0, rho_now, where=rho_now>0, color='red', interpolate=False, animated=True)
rho_minus = ax[1].fill_between(xv, 0, rho_now, where=rho_now<0, color='blue', interpolate=False, animated=True)
text_artist = ax[1].text(0.05, 0.8, "E=% 6.3f\nt=% 6.4f" % (E[s][time_index],t[s][time_index]), transform=ax[1].transAxes, animated=True)
if not nophi:
phi_now = phi[s][time_index]
phi_artist, = ax[2].plot(pv, phi_now, color='black', animated=True)
phi_plus = ax[2].fill_between(pv, 0, phi_now, where=phi_now>0, color='red', interpolate=False, animated=True)
phi_minus = ax[2].fill_between(pv, 0, phi_now, where=phi_now<0, color='blue', interpolate=False, animated=True)
artists.extend([T_artists[s], phi_init_artists[s],phi_artist,phi_plus,phi_minus])
artists.extend(c_artists[s].collections + h_artists[s].collections +
[U_artists[s],rho_init_artists[s],rho_artist,rho_plus,rho_minus, text_artist])
s += 1
if preload: progress.update(frame)
if anim_running: next_frame()
return artists
def animate_Wonly(k):
s = 0
artists = []
for ax in axes:
if s == s_longest:
time_index = frame
else: # find an element in t[s] closest to the current time value (i.e. t_longest[frame])
time_index = abs(t[s] - t_longest[frame]).argmin()
if not preload:
for c in c_artists[s].collections: c.remove()
xx,pp = xxpp[s][0],xxpp[s][1]
c_artists[s] = ax.contourf(xx, pp, W[s][time_index], levels=Wlevels[s], norm=norm[s], cmap=cm.bwr, animated=True)
artists.extend(c_artists[s].collections + h_artists[s].collections)
s += 1
if preload: progress.update(frame)
if anim_running: next_frame()
return artists
animate = animate_Wonly if Wonly else animate_all
def keypress(event):
global anim_running
if event.key == ' ':
if preload and anim and anim.event_source:
anim.event_source.stop() if anim_running else anim.event_source.start()
anim_running ^= True
elif event.key == 't' and not anim_running: next_frame()
elif event.key == 'T' and not anim_running: prev_frame()
anim_running = True
fig.canvas.mpl_connect('key_press_event', keypress)
if preload:
t_start = time()
anim = animation.ArtistAnimation(fig, [animate(k) for k in range(time_steps)], interval=0, repeat_delay = 0, blit=True)
print(" OK [%.1fs]" % (time()-t_start))
anim = animation.FuncAnimation(fig, animate, frames=time_steps, interval=0, repeat_delay = 0, blit=True)
if ofilename:
t_start = time()
print("Saving animation:", end=' ', flush=True), fps=fps, extra_args=['-vcodec', 'libx264'])
print("OK [%.1fs]" % (time()-t_start))