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A go plugin for Notepad++

This plugin allows you to run some features of the go command from within notepad++. Currently the following subcommands are supported:

  • go fmt
  • go test
  • go install
  • go run

All open files are being saved upon running a go cmd. Any output they produce is reported in the dockable Dialog, so you don't have to switch windows anymore while debugging your build errors.

As a plus it sets your GOPATH from the current .go file, if you don't have the GOPATH environment Variable set.

Plans for Version 1.x

  • limit autosave and reload to .go files.
  • Make behaviour configurable by the user.
  • Offer automatic go fmt upon saving of .go files.
  • Offer running produced executables (after install).
  • Refine the GOPATH checking to allow configurable appending or replacing.
  • Allow setting of GOOS and GOARCH from within Notepad++