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The TIKI app is the tool for user data ownership.

With TIKI App the users can have insights of who is using their data, manage the access to it, collect their own data, anonymize and sell it (or do whatever they want!).

Why is TIKI open source?

How to Install

TIKI app is built with Flutter.

  1. Install Flutter
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. Configure Firebase in your Flutter Project
  4. Go to app's root directory.
  5. Get pub dependencies - flutter pub get.
  6. Run the app
    -- production mode: flutter run.
    -- development mode: flutter run

Code structure

In TIKI we use the vertical slice architecture to organize the code.

Each feature is developed in a Flutter Package or Plugin in its own repository.

The app code is responsible for initializing the Home Screen, the packages and plugins with the other features, and to implement the Data Slice.

Currently TIKI App is made with the following libs.

Library Description
login Handles user login flow and user keys management.
money Manages the "money" screen.
decision Manages the "decision" screen.
user_account User account menu bottom sheet UI.
spam_cards TIKI Spam Cards UI.
info_carousel TIKI info cards UI.
tiki_kv Simple encrypted database Key-value storage.
style TIKI Style library.
httpp HTTP Parallel requests handling with Dart.
microsoft_provider API for Microsoft (Outlook) data fetching.
google_provider API for Google (Gmail) data fetching.
localchain TIKI's localized mobile blockchain (dart native).
syncchain Mobile side implementation of TIKI's sync chain for backing up local chains.
wallet Very simple wallet for managing crypto keys.
localgraph Mobile side implementation of Knowledge Graph Service.
zendesk_flutter TIKI Zendesk Help Center inside the app.
upvoty In-app user feedback.

How to contribute

Thank you for contributing with the data revolution!
All the information about contribution can be found in CONTRIBUTING