A simple script that generates QA files for Supermemo iPhone. Definitions are from New Oxford American Dictionary.
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This script can help you to generate QA files for Supermemo iPhone easily.

About the database:
It will extract definitions from the New Oxford American Dictionary, 
so you need to buy this App first and get the "app.db" from its ".ipa" file.

You can find the ".ipa" file from "MY DOCUMENTS/iTunes/Mobile Applications".

How to use:
0. If you are Windows user, download Python first.
   Go to www.python.org, and download Python 2.
1. Put all your words in a single text file. For example: words.txt.
2. Place SMGenerator.py, app.db, and your text file in the same direcotry.
3. Enter "python SMGenerator.py INPUT_FILE OUTPUT_FILE" in the console. 
   INPUT_FILE is the file where you put your words in,
   and OUTPUT_FILE(optional) is the file that store all the output.

   REMEMBER: You can neglect the OUTPUT_FILE.   
4. Import the generated file in Supermemo iPhone through WiFi or 
   www.supermemo.net.  If you perfer the second way, you may register 
   in that website first.

   Use '-h' to see command line options

Have fun and forget about forgetting.

Wu Xudong.
Hangzhou Dianzi University.