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An Orcestrated TiKV benchmark. Not for production deployment.
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Disclaimer: Public clouds are very unstable performance, you may see dramatically different numbers between runs due to noise, jitter, disk wear, scheduling, machine locality, and network topology. If you want to have stable benchmarks, you should adapt this script to a dedicated machine.

You'll need a DO API token ($50 credit referral), openssh (with scp), and terraform to run this benchmark. You can get these tools from your friendly package manager. (Don't have one? Win/Mac)

First, you'll need to roll an SSH key next into the key and files.

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -f key

Second, you need to initialize Terraform.

terraform init

Third, you'll need to set up your ./terraform.tfvars file.


Finally, you can run the benchmark:

# Warning: This **will** cost you money hourly until you run `terraform destroy`
terraform apply

You'll find results in results-first and results-second folders. By default, first is 2.1.14, second is 3.0.0.

After, make sure to run terraform destroy so you don't get additional charges.


There are various knobs you can tweak in your terraform.tfvars. For a full list of knobs you can look at the variables in the file.

Warning: Scaling pd is not supported yet.

You can scale the number of tikv nodes:

tikv_count = 1

You can change the docker images benchmarked:

tikv_image = "you/tikv:latest"
pd_image = "you/pd:latest"

You can change the machine sizes as well (find the valid sizes with doctl compute size list from the doctl utility):

tikv_size = "s-4vcpu-8gb"
pd_size = "s-4vcpu-8gb"
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