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TiKV Change Log

All notable changes to this project are documented in this file. See also TiDB Changelog and PD Changelog.



  • Engine

    • Introduce Titan, a key-value plugin that improves write performance for scenarios with value sizes greater than 1KiB, and relieves write amplification in certain degrees
    • Optimize memory management to reduce memory allocation and copying for Iterator Key Bound Option
    • Support block cache sharing among different column families
  • Server

    • Support reversed raw_scan and raw_batch_scan
    • Support batch receiving and sending Raft messages, improving TPS by 7% for write intensive scenarios
    • Support getting monitoring information via HTTP
    • Support Local Reader in RawKV to improve performance
    • Reduce context switch overhead from batch commands
  • Raftstore

    • Support Multi-thread Raftstore and Multi-thread Apply to improve scalabilities, concurrency capacity, and resource usage within a single node. Performance improves by 70% under the same level of pressure
    • Support checking RocksDB Level 0 files before applying snapshots to avoid write stall
    • Support Hibernate Regions to optimize CPU consumption from RaftStore (Experimental)
    • Remove the local reader thread
  • Transaction

    • Support distributed GC and concurrent lock resolving for improved GC performance
    • Support the pessimistic transaction model (Experimental)
    • Modify the semantics of Insert to allow Prewrite to succeed only when there is no Key
    • Remove txn scheduler
    • Add monitoring items related to read index and GC worker
  • Coprocessor

    • Refactor the computation framework to implement vector operators, computation using vector expressions, and vector aggregations to improve performance
    • Support providing operator execution status for the EXPLAIN ANALYZE statement in TiDB
    • Switch to the work-stealing thread pool model to reduce context switch cost
  • Misc

    • Develop a unified log format specification with restructured log system to facilitate collection and analysis by tools
    • Add performance metrics related to configuration information and key bound crossing.


  • Engine

    • Check iterator status when scanning. 4936
    • Fix the issue that ingested files and directory are not synchronized. 4937
  • Server

    • Sanitize block size configuration. 4928
    • Support replicating the delete_range request without deleting the data when applying. 4490
    • Add read index related metrics. 4830
    • Add GC worker related metrics. 4922
  • Raftstore

    • Fix the issue that local reader cache is not cleared correctly. 4778
    • Fix request latency jetter when transferring leader and conf changes. 4734
    • Remove invalid empty callbacks. 4682
    • Clear stale reads after role change. 4810
    • Synchronize all CF files for the received snapshots. 4807
    • Fix missing fsync calls for snapshots. 4850
  • Coprocessor

    • Improve coprocessor batch executor. 4877
  • Transaction

    • Support ResolveLockLite to allow only resolving specified lock keys. 4882
    • Improve pessimistic lock transaction. 4889
  • Tikv-ctl

    • Improve bad-regions and tombstone subcommands. 4862
  • Misc

    • Add dist_release. 4841


  • Engine

    • Support multiple column families sharing a block cache #4563
  • Server

    • Remove TxnScheduler #4098
    • Support pessimistic lock transactions #4698
  • Raftstore

    • Support hibernate Regions to reduce the consumption of the raftstore CPU #4591
    • Fix the issue that the leader does not reply to the ReadIndex requests for the learner #4653
    • Fix the issue of transferring leader failure in some cases #4684
    • Fix the possible dirty read issue in some cases #4688
    • Fix the issue that a snapshot lacks data in some cases #4716
  • Coprocessor

    • Add more RPN functions
      • LogicalOr #4691
      • LTReal #4602
      • LEReal #4602
      • GTReal #4602
      • GEReal #4602
      • NEReal #4602
      • EQReal #4602
      • IsNull #4720
      • IsTrue #4720
      • IsFalse #4720
      • Support comparison arithmetic for Int #4625
      • Support comparison arithmetic for Decimal #4625
      • Support comparison arithmetic for String #4625
      • Support comparison arithmetic for Time #4625
      • Support comparison arithmetic for Duration #4625
      • Support comparison arithmetic for Json #4625
      • Support plus arithmetic for Int #4733
      • Support plus arithmetic for Real #4733
      • Support plus arithmetic for Decimal #4733
      • Support MOD functions for Int #4727
      • Support MOD functions for Real #4727
      • Support MOD functions for Decimal #4727
      • Support minus arithmetic for Int #4746
      • Support minus arithmetic for Real #4746
      • Support minus arithmetic for Decimal #4746


  • Engine

    • Fix the issue that may cause incorrect statistics on read traffic #4436
    • Fix the issue that may cause prefix extractor panic when deleting a range #4503
    • Optimize memory management to reduce memory allocation and copying for Iterator Key Bound Option #4537
    • Fix the issue that failing to consider learner log gap may in some cases cause panic #4559
    • Support block cache sharing among different column families#4612
  • Server

    • Reduce context switch overhead of batch commands #4473
    • Check the validity of seek iterator status #4470
  • RaftStore

    • Support configurable properties index distance #4517
  • Coprocessor

    • Add batch index scan executor #4419
    • Add vectorized evaluation framework #4322
    • Add execution summary framework for batch executors #4433
    • Check the maximum column when constructing the RPN expression to avoid invalid column offset that may cause evaluation panic #4481
    • Add BatchLimitExecutor #4469
    • Replace the original futures-cpupool with tokio-threadpool in ReadPool to reduce context switch #4486
    • Add batch aggregation framework #4533
    • Add BatchSelectionExecutor #4562
    • Add batch aggression function AVG #4570
    • Add RPN function LogicalAnd#4575
  • Misc

    • Support tcmalloc as a memory allocator #4370


  • Optimize the Coprocessor calculation execution framework and implement the TableScan section, with the Single TableScan performance improved by 5% ~ 30%
    • Implement the definition of the BatchRows row and the BatchColumn column #3660
    • Implement VectorLike to support accessing encoded and decoded data in the same way #4242
    • Define the BatchExecutor to interface and implement the way of converting requests to BatchExecutor #4243
    • Implement transforming the expression tree into the RPN format #4329
    • Implement the BatchTableScanExecutor vectorization calculation operator #4351
  • Unify the log format for easy collection and analysis by tools
  • Support using the Local Reader to read in the Raw Read interface #4222
  • Add metrics about configuration information #4206
  • Add metrics about key exceeding bound #4255
  • Add an option to control panic or return an error when encountering the key exceeding bound error #4254
  • Add support for the INSERT operation, make prewrite succeed only when keys do not exist, and eliminate Batch Get #4085
  • Use more fair batch strategy in the Batch System #4200
  • Support Raw scan in tikv-ctl #3825
  • Support hibernating regions #4591


  • Support distributed GC #3179
  • Check RocksDB Level 0 files before applying snapshots to avoid Write Stall #3606
  • Support reverse raw_scan and raw_batch_scan #3724
  • Support using HTTP to obtain monitoring information #3855
  • Support DST better #3786
  • Support receiving and sending Raft messages in batch #3913
  • Introduce a new storage engine Titan #3985
  • Upgrade gRPC to v1.17.2 #4023
  • Support receiving the client requests and sending replies in batch #4043
  • Support multi-thread Apply #4044
  • Support multi-thread Raftstore #4066


  • Support the configuration format in the unit of DAY (d) and fix the configuration compatibility issue #3931
  • Fix the possible panic issue caused by Approximate Size Split #3942
  • Fix two issues about Region merge #3822, #3873


  • Avoid transferring the leader to a newly created peer, to optimize the possible delay #3878



  • Improve the error message of WriteConflict #3750
  • Add the panic mark file #3746
  • Downgrade grpcio to avoid the segment fault issue caused by the new version of gRPC #3650
  • Add the upper limit to the kv_scan interface #3749


  • Optimize the RocksDB Write stall issue caused by applying snapshots #3606
  • Add raftstore tick metrics #3657
  • Upgrade RocksDB and fix the Write block issue and that the source file might be damaged by the Write operation when performing IngestExternalFile #3661
  • Upgrade grpcio and fix the issue that “too many pings” is wrongly reported #3650



  • Optimize the concurrency for coprocessor requests #3515

New features

  • Add the support for Log functions #3603
  • Add the support for the sha1 function #3612
  • Add the support for the truncate_int function #3532
  • Add the support for the year function #3622
  • Add the support for the truncate_real function #3633

Bug fixes

  • Fix the reporting error behavior related to time functions #3487, #3615
  • Fix the issue that the time parsed from string is inconsistent with that in TiDB #3589



  • Support splitting Regions based on statistics estimation to reduce the I/O cost #3511
  • Reduce clone in the transaction scheduler #3530


  • Add the pushdown support for a large number of built-in functions
  • Add the leader-transfer-max-log-lag configuration to fix the failure issue of leader scheduling in specific scenarios #3507
  • Add the max-open-engines configuration to limit the number of engines opened by tikv-importer simultaneously #3496
  • Limit the cleanup speed of garbage data to reduce the impact on snapshot apply #3547
  • Broadcast the commit message for crucial Raft messages to avoid unnecessary delay #3592

Bug fixes

  • Fix the leader election issue caused by discarding the PreVote message of the newly split Region #3557
  • Fix follower related statistics after merging Regions #3573
  • Fix the issue that the local reader uses obsolete Region information #3565
  • Support UnsafeDestroyRange API to speedup garbage data cleaning after table/index has been truncated/dropped #3560



  • Support batch split to avoid too large Regions caused by the Write operation on hot Regions
  • Support splitting Regions based on the number of rows to improve the index scan efficiency


  • Use LocalReader to separate the Read operation from the raftstore thread to lower the Read latency
  • Refactor the MVCC framework, optimize the memory usage and improve the scan Read performance
  • Support splitting Regions based on statistics estimation to reduce the I/O usage
  • Optimize the issue that the Read performance is affected by continuous Write operations on the rollback record
  • Reduce the memory usage of pushdown aggregation computing


  • Add the pushdown support for a large number of built-in functions and better charset support
  • Optimize the GC workflow, improve the GC speed and decrease the impact of GC on the system
  • Enable prevote to speed up service recovery when the network is abnormal
  • Add the related configuration items of RocksDB log files
  • Adjust the default configuration of scheduler_latch
  • Support setting whether to compact the data in the bottom layer of RocksDB when using tikv-ctl to compact data manually
  • Add the check for environment variables when starting TiKV
  • Support dynamically configuring the dynamic_level_bytes parameter based on the existing data
  • Support customizing the log format
  • Integrate tikv-fail in tikv-ctl
  • Add I/O metrics of threads

Bug fixes

  • Fix decimal related issues
  • Fix the issue that gRPC max_send_message_len is set mistakenly
  • Fix the issue caused by misconfiguration of region_size



  • Upgrade Rust to the nightly-2018-06-14 version
  • Provide a Raft PreVote configuration to avoid leader reelection generated when network recovers after network isolation
  • Add a metric to display the number of files and ingest related information in each layer of RocksDB
  • Print key with too many versions when GC works


  • Use static metric to optimize multi-label metric performance (YCSB raw get is improved by 3%)
  • Remove box in multiple modules and use patterns to improve the operating performance (YCSB raw get is improved by 3%)
  • Use asynchronous log to improve the performance of writing logs
  • Add a metric to collect the thread status
  • Decease memory copy times by decreasing box used in the application to improve the performance



  • Add the RocksDB PerfContext interface for debugging
  • Add the region-properties command for tikv-ctl


  • Make GC record the log when GC encounters many versions of data
  • Remove the import-mode parameter

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue that reverse-seek is slow when many RocksDB tombstones exist
  • Fix the crash issue caused by do_sub


Bug Fixes

  • Correct wrong peer meta for learners
  • Report an error instead of getting a result if divisor/dividend is 0 in do_div_mod



  • Support configuring more gRPC related parameters
  • Support configuring the timeout range of leader election

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue that the Raft log is not printed
  • Fix the issue that obsolete learner is not deleted
  • Fix the issue that the snapshot intermediate file is mistakenly deleted



  • Reduced number of thread_yield calls
  • Fix the issue that SELECT FOR UPDATE prevents others from reading


  • More verbose logs for slow query
  • Speed up delete range

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the bug that raftstore is accidentally blocked when generating the snapshot
  • Fix the issue that Learner cannot be successfully elected in special conditions
  • Fix the issue that split might cause dirty read in extreme conditions
  • Correct the default value of the read thread pool configuration

[2.0.0] - 2018-04-27


  • Protect critical configuration from incorrect modification
  • Support Region Merge [experimental]
  • Add the Raw DeleteRange API
  • Add the GetMetric API
  • Add Raw Batch Put, Raw Batch Get, Raw Batch Delete and Raw Batch Scan
  • Add Column Family options for the RawKV API and support executing operation on a specific Column Family
  • Support Streaming and Streaming Aggregation in Coprocessor
  • Support configuring the request timeout of Coprocessor
  • Carry timestamps with Region heartbeats
  • Support modifying some RocksDB parameters online, such as block-cache-size
  • Support configuring the behavior of Coprocessor when it encounters some warnings or errors
  • Support starting in the importing data mode to reduce write amplification during the data importing process
  • Support manually splitting Region in halves
  • Improve the data recovery tool tikv-ctl
  • Return more statistics in Coprocessor to guide the behavior of TiDB
  • Support the ImportSST API to import SST files [experimental]
  • Add the TiKV Importer binary to integrate with TiDB Lightning to import data quickly [experimental]


  • Optimize read performance using ReadPool and increase the raw_get/get/batch_get by 30%
  • Improve metrics performance
  • Inform PD immediately once the Raft snapshot process is completed to speed up balancing
  • Solve performance jitter caused by RocksDB flushing
  • Optimize the space reclaiming mechanism after deleting data
  • Speed up garbage cleaning while starting the server
  • Reduce the I/O overhead during replica migration using DeleteFilesInRanges


  • Fix the issue that gRPC call does not returned when the PD leader switches
  • Fix the issue that it is slow to offline nodes caused by snapshots
  • Limit the temporary space usage consumed by migrating replicas
  • Report the Regions that cannot elect a leader for a long time
  • Update the Region size information in time according to compaction events
  • Limit the size of scan lock to avoid request timeout
  • Limit the memory usage when receiving snapshots to avoid OOM
  • Increase the speed of CI test
  • Fix the OOM issue caused by too many snapshots
  • Configure keepalive of gRPC
  • Fix the OOM issue caused by an increase of the Region number

[2.0.0-rc6] - 2018-04-19


  • Reduce lock contention in Worker
  • Add metrics to the FuturePool

Bug Fixes

  • Fix misused metrics in Coprocessor

[2.0.0-rc.5] - 2018-04-17

New Features

  • Support compacting Regions in tikv-ctl
  • Add raw batch put/get/delete/scan API for TiKV service
  • Add ImportKV service
  • Support eval error in Coprocessor
  • Support dynamic adjustment of RocksDB cache size by tikv-ctl
  • Collect number of rows scanned for each range in Coprocessor
  • Support treating overflow as warning in Coprocessor
  • Support learner in raftstore


  • Increase snap GC timeout

[2.0.0-rc.4] - 2018-04-01

New Features

  • Limit the memory usage during receiving snapshots, to avoid OOM in extreme conditions
  • Support configuring the behavior of Coprocessor when it encounters warnings
  • Support importing the data pattern in TiKV
  • Support splitting Region in the middle


  • Fix the issue that too many logs are output caused by leader missing when TiKV is isolated
  • Use crossbeam channel in worker

[2.0.0-rc.3] - 2018-03-23

New Features

  • Support Region Merge
  • Add the Raw DeleteRange API
  • Add the GetMetric API
  • Support streaming in Coprocessor
  • Support modifying RocksDB parameters online


  • Inform PD immediately once the Raft snapshot process is completed, to speed up balancing
  • Reduce the I/O fluctuation caused by RocksDB sync files
  • Optimize the space reclaiming mechanism after deleting data
  • Improve the data recovery tool tikv-ctl
  • Fix the issue that it is slow to make nodes down caused by snapshot
  • Increase the raw_get/get/batch_get by 30% with ReadPool
  • Support configuring the request timeout of Coprocessor
  • Carry time information in Region heartbeats
  • Limit the space usage of snapshot files to avoid consuming too much disk space
  • Record and report the Regions that cannot elect a leader for a long time
  • Speed up garbage cleaning when starting the server
  • Update the size information about the corresponding Region according to compaction events
  • Limit the size of scan lock to avoid request timeout
  • Use DeleteRange to speed up Region deletion

[2.0.0-rc.2] - 2018-03-15

New Features

  • Implement IngestSST API
  • tikv-ctl now can send consistency-check requests to TiKV
  • Support dumping stats of RocksDB and malloc in tikv-ctl


  • Reclaim disk space after data have been deleted

[2.0.0-rc.1] - 2018-03-09

New Features

  • Protect important configuration which cannot be changed after initial configuration
  • Check whether SSD is used when you start the cluster


  • Fix the issue that gRPC call is not cancelled when PD leaders switch
  • Optimize the read performance using ReadPool, and improve the performance by 30% for raw get
  • Improve metrics and optimize the usage of metrics

[1.1.0-beta] - 2018-02-24


  • Traverse locks using offset + limit to avoid potential GC problems
  • Support resolving locks in batches to improve GC speed
  • Support GC concurrency to improve GC speed
  • Update the Region size using the RocksDB compaction listener for more accurate PD scheduling
  • Delete the outdated data in batches using DeleteFilesInRanges, to make TiKV start faster
  • Configure the Raft snapshot max size to avoid the retained files taking up too much space
  • Support more recovery operations in tikv-ctl
  • Optimize the ordered flow aggregation operation

[1.0.8] - 2018-02-11


  • Use DeleteFilesInRanges to clear stale data and improve the TiKV starting speed
  • Sync the metadata of the received Snapshot compulsorily to ensure its safety

Bug Fixes

  • Use Decimal in Coprocessor sum

[1.0.7] - 2018-01-22


  • Support key-only option in Table Scan executor
  • Support the remote mode in tikv-ctl
  • Fix the loss of scheduling command from PD

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the format compatibility issue of tikv-ctl proto
  • Add timeout in Push metric

[1.1.0-alpha] - 2018-01-19

New Features

  • Support Raft learner
  • Support TLS


  • Optimize Raft Snapshot and reduce the I/O overhead
  • Optimize the RocksDB configuration to improve performance
  • Optimize count (*) and query performance of unique index in Coprocessor
  • Solve the reconnection issue between PD and TiKV
  • Enhance the features of the data recovery tool tikv-ctl
  • Support the Delete Range feature
  • Support splitting according to table in Regions
  • Support setting the I/O limit caused by snapshot
  • Improve the flow control mechanism
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