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TiKV Maintainers

This file lists who are the maintainers of the TiKV project and their focused areas of expertise. This can be used for routing PRs, questions, etc. to the right place.

Maintainers are people who are in charge of the maintenance of the TiKV project. This includes everything from day-to-day tasks such as issue triage to completing development epics. Maintainers should be the first point of contact for security issues or other critical issues that require privacy not offered by the issue tracker. The Maintainer role is defined in the TiKV Governance.

The maintainers of TiKV, along with their email and focus areas, are listed below:

Name Email Focus Org
Siddon Tang (@siddontang) Architecture, General TiKV PingCAP
Jay Li (@busyjay) Raft, Coprocessor PingCAP
Jinpeng Zhang (zhangjinpeng1987) Storage, Transaction PingCAP
Wink Yao (@winkyao) Community, Transaction PingCAP
Xiaoguang Sun (@sunxiaoguang) Client, Storage Zhihu
Daobing Li (@lidaobing) Cloud, Scheduling JD Cloud & AI
Fu Chen (@fredchenbj) Storage, Performance Yidian Zixun