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The TiKV Maintainers

This file lists who are the maintainers of the TiKV project.

The responsibilities for maintainers are listed in the file.

In short, maintainers are people who are in charge of the maintenance of the TiKV project. This includes everything from day-to-day tasks such as issue triage to completing epics. Maintainers should be the first point of contact for security issues or other critical issues that require privacy not offered by the issue tracker.

The maintainers of TiKV, along with their email and focus area, are listed below:

Senior Maintainers

Name Email Focus
Siddon Tang Project Lead
Jay Li Raft, Coprocessor
Jinpeng Zhang Storage, Transaction


Name Email Focus
Xiaoguang Sun Focus Areas: Client, Storage

Maintaining Organizations

Company Point of Contact
PingCAP Siddon Tang

Please do not contact the maintainers listed above for any reason not directly related to the TiKV project. For issues, questions, or support, you are asked to use the issue tracker whenever possible.

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