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TiKV Roadmap

TiKV Roadmap

This document defines the roadmap for TiKV development.


  • Titan - Use the separated key-value engine in production
  • Pluggable Engine Interface - Clean up the engine wrapper code and provide more extendibility


  • Joint Consensus - Change multi members safely
  • Quiescent Region - Reduce the heartbeat cost of inactive Regions
  • Raft engine - Customize engine to replace RocksDB
  • Remove KV RocksDB WAL - Use Raft log as the WAL of state machine engine
  • Crossing datacenter optimization
    • Raft witness role - Can only vote but not sync logs from Raft leader
    • Follower snapshot - Get the snapshot from the follower when a new node is added
    • Chain replication - Get Raft logs from the non-leader node

Distributed Transaction

  • Flow control - Do flow control in scheduler to avoid write stall in advance
  • History version - Use another place to save history version data
  • Performance
    • Optimize storage format
    • Reduce the latency of getting timestamp
    • Optimize transaction conflicts


  • More pushdown expressions support
  • Common expression pipeline optimization
  • Batch executor - Process multiple rows at a time
  • Vectorized expression evaluation - Evaluate expressions by column
  • Chunk - Compute over the data stored in the continuous memory
  • Explain support - Evaluate the cost of execution


  • Use Raft learner to support Backup/Restore/Replication


  • Rust
  • Go
  • Java
  • C++


  • Visualization - Show the cluster status visually
  • Learner scheduler - Schedule learner Regions to specified nodes
  • Improve hot Region scheduler
  • Improve simulator
  • Range scheduler - Schedule Regions in the specified range


  • Tolerate corrupted Region - TiKV can be started even when the data in some Regions is corrupted
  • Support huge Region whose size is larger than 1 GB
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