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Title: Add @sunxiaoguang to

My name is Sun Xiaoguang from Zhihu, where I help make a BigTable like system focusd on OLTP that is using TiKV. I've been contributing to TiKV and the library ecosystem for around a year now. I first touched the TiKV codebase since around March 2018.

As part of my involvement with the project I've contributed several improvements to the TiKV Project:

* [Added raw batch put/get/delete/scan](pingcap/kvproto#244)
* [Changed `get_region` and `get_region_info` to use a common implementation](#3521)
* [Print help message when starting tikv-ctl without argument](#3531)
* [Clean up unused #[allow] directives](#3553)

I also am the first and primary author of the [TiKV Rust Client]( You can see related PRs for that here:

* [TiKV Rust Client RFC](tikv/rfcs#7)
* [The initial version of Raw KV Implementation](tikv/client-rust#14)
* [Change `raw::Client::get` to return `Option<Value>`](tikv/client-rust#24)
* [Remove cf and batch_scan from `example/`](tikv/client-rust#21)

I also made the first PR to the mock TiKV project: [A basic implementation of mock TiKV API surface](tikv/mock-tikv#1)

As part of my involvement, the TiKV team inquired if I was interested in becoming a maintainer for the project.

This PR adds me to the list of maintainers. I have read and understand the expectations of maintainers described in the `` file.

Signed-off-by: Xiaoguang Sun <>
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sunxiaoguang committed Mar 20, 2019
1 parent f4a8ea3 commit bdc2955d8c28e8223de169ac27368839c92c5953
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@@ -10,3 +10,4 @@ This file lists who are the core maintainers of the TiKV project.

* [Jay Li](;; Focus Areas: Raft, Coprocessor
* [Jinpeng Zhang](;; Focus Areas: Storage, Transaction
* [Xiaoguang Sun](;; Focus Areas: Client, Storage

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