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@breeswish breeswish released this Aug 6, 2019 · 44 commits to release-3.0 since this release

  • Fix the bug that TiKV panics if the Raft Log is not written in time #5160
  • Fix the bug that the panic information is not written into the log file after TiKV panics #5198
  • Fix the bug that the insert operation might be incorrectly performed in the pessimistic transaction #5203
  • Lower the output level of some logs that require no manual intervention to INFO #5193
  • Improve the accuracy of monitoring the storage engine size #5200
  • Improve the accuracy of the Region size in TiKV Control #5195
  • Improve the performance of the deadlock detector for pessimistic locks #5192
  • Improve the performance of GC in the Titan storage engine #5197
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