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@hicqu hicqu released this Oct 25, 2019 · 22 commits to release-3.0 since this release

  • Storage

    • Add a new feature of pessimistic transactions: the transaction cleanup interface supports only cleaning up locks whose TTL is outdated #5589
    • Fix the issue that Rollback of the transaction Primary key is collapsed #5646, #5671
    • Fix the issue that under pessimistic locks, point queries might return the previous version data #5634
  • Raftstore

    • Reduce message flush operations in Raftstore to improve performance and reduce CPU usage #5617
    • Optimize the cost of obtaining the Region size and estimated number of keys, to reduce heartbeat overhead and CPU usage #5620
    • Fix the issue that Raftstore prints an error log and encounters a panic when getting invalid data #5643
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