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@AndreMouche AndreMouche released this Nov 28, 2019 · 20 commits to release-3.0 since this release

  • Pessimistic Transaction: keep lock's ttl when receive a smaller ttl #6056
  • rust-rocksdb: fix titan options for cf when create cf #6009
  • Fix TiKV panic when aggregation expr type is not valid #6002
  • Pessimistic Transaction: reduce clean up requests in lock_manager #5965
  • Fix a region merge bug which may cause panic: set is_merging flag after restart in raftstore #5892
  • Generate flamegraph at runtime #5961
  • Support to change the config gc io limit dynamically #5957
  • Limit the speed of write for GC #5735
  • Engine: update rocksdb and titan #5968
  • Makefile: add a new rule for CI test #5938
  • Add metrics for commit log duration #5881
  • Pessimistic Transaction: Add support for lock wait timeout #5848
  • LockManager: make has_waiter accurate #5845
  • Fix wrong txn_size when acquire pessimistic lock #5740
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