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slim wiki is a fast and slim wiki based on PHP and markdown.

Want to use slim wiki?

Check out the demo website for more details and features.

slim wiki

Want to develop slim wiki?

Set up build environment

  1. Install node.js (this includes npm)

  2. Install grunt globally:

     sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
  3. Install grunt dependencies in project:

     cd src
     npm install

Note: node.js is only used by grunt for the build. Slim wiki uses PHP to run on server-side.

Build instructions

Build client:

cd src

Now link the project directory to a locally installed Apache Webserver with PHP and mod_rewrite enabled.

Go to the browser and open one of:

  • http://localhost/path/to/src/ - for the development version using the source JavaScript files.
  • http://localhost/path/to/dist/ - for the production version using compressed CSS and JavaScript.

Other build options

Build automatically on source changes (watch mode):

cd src
grunt watch

Build a release zip:

cd src
grunt release

Installation instructions

  1. Build the project (see above).
  2. Copy the contents of the dist directory to your webspace.
  3. Create a config.php (copy and adjust the example).
  4. Give write permissions to the server for the directory data (including subdirectories and files).

Used libraries

  • Bootstrap - Basic CSS styling.
  • Parsedown - PHP markdown parser.
  • prism - JavaScript syntax highlighter.
  • CodeMirror - JavaScript in-browser code editor.
  • Tocbot - JavaScript table of contents generator.
  • Vanilla JS - No jQuery. Instead standard DOM API in order to make things fast and slim.

Special thanks

  • Slim wiki is inspired by Wikitten. I have used some of their ideas, but technically slim wiki is a complete rewrite.
  • Thanks to Daring Fireball for inventing Markdown.
  • Thanks to GitHub for hosting this project and for some great enhancements to Markdown.