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This project is a work in progress and not to use in production.

Piggy-module is a bunch of class to bind business work to technical storages.

It comes with the following extendable classes:

  • Service: business interface (the only one to use from "controllers"). Can trigger action to other services.
  • Manager: manage its associated Value Object. Called by the Service, trigger validation and translate the Vo as data to send to the Storage.
  • Storage: extends AbstractStorage, and deel with basic data storage action (crud).
  • Vo: The business object itself maybe should be named DTO instead of Value Object

A business package is a bunch of all of that classes, with a configuration file describing the object properties / validations.

The code documentation is available here

I will complete that file once it a stable enough


Installing dev dependencies, you get the following make commands

  • make build or make b to transpile src to lib
  • make watch or make w to start watching the src and automatically transpile files
  • make clean or make c to clean the lib directory

And to make ease, you can use make cbw that run clean, build then watch.

Linting can be done by running npm lint.


Basic business module: manager, vo, validator







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