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<h1>Inline CSS</h1>
InlineCSS uses the <code><%= github_link "inline_css", "crates/inline_css" %></code>
crate, which uses Servo's <code><%= link_to "cssparser", "" %></code>
and <code><%= link_to "html5ever", "" %></code> crates to inline a CSS
file into an HTML file.
<%= form_tag do %>
<%= text_area_tag :html, @html, class: "inline" %>
<%= text_area_tag :css, @css, class: "inline" %>
<%= button_tag "Inline", name: "mode", value: "inline" %>
<% end %>
<%- if @inlined -%>
<pre class="language-html"><code class="language-html"><%= @inlined -%></code></pre>
<%- end -%>
<%= github_link "Crate", "crates/inline_css/" %>:
<%= github_link "Class", "crates/inline_css/src/" %>
<li><%= github_link "Controller", "app/controllers/demos/inline_css_controller.rb" %></li>
<li><%= github_link "View", "app/views/demos/inline_css/show.html.erb" %></li>