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The world of Ilasnïr (translation unknown)

We have decided to use this repo for a dwarf fortress succession game, still using the same world.

For more information and discussion, see also the BBJ tread.


Truthfulstandards is a succesion fortress. All participants have one in-game year to rule over the fortress.

If you want to join, leave a message on the BBJ tread or ask one of the participants.

You can also ask to have a dwarf named after you.

Year 1: Troido

On the 15th of Galena in the year 250 Troido started the founding of the outpust Truthfulstandards. The journal can be read here: Truthfulstandards

Year 1 is over now. Whoever wants to join can now start year 2.

Old repo description

This repo hosts a dwarf fortress save file. Players contribute to the world by taking turns playing the game, either in fortress or adventurer mode, then passing it on to the next contributor.

To contribute:

  1. Sign up your tilde town handle at the top of the sign up sheet.
  2. When your turn is up (and the previous save has been committed) clone this repo into your dwarf-fortress/data/save directory. You will then be able to Start Playing a game for Ilasnïr, Folder: tilde-df
  3. Make your mark on the world. You may take up to a week (or longer if you are actively working on something)
  4. Commit your save. You'll probably want to retire adventurers and/or abandon forts unless you've talked to the next player about continuing something specific. If you don't have commit access to the tildetown org you can ask a moderator on tilde irc to get a zip of your save committed.

creative outlets

Dwarf Fortress has a long standing tradition of creative fiction accompanying it's emergent gameplay. Feel free to add such works to this wiki, under the following table of contents:

  1. Lore - in character writings about the world and what lies within it.
  2. Spoilers - out of character discussion, exact locations, you know the drill.


For assistance, help, or anything else get ahold of us on irc or via tilde mail.

  • selfsame
  • jumblesale
  • troido
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