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Journal of Troido Closedsteel, expedition leader of The Dye of Fortunes

Arrival at Truthfullstandards

Granite 15th, 250

world location

After a long journey our dwarvers arrive at a place called Truthfullstandards

embark message

There's a small stream to the west. A bit to the south there is even a waterfall. In the north east there are mountains. Most of the central area is a large plateau. Most places on the plateau are densely forested, but around the brook and some other places it looks more like a desert. The flora to the east looks a bit weird. I shall have to inspect it later, but first we have work to do. Oddly enough, there seems to be no large wildlife nearby.


I have decided that this will make a great place for a new colony for the Abbey of Clans.

Granite 20th

While our miners were excavating the beginnings of our new settlement, my fellow warned me that a cloud of profane vapor was drifting nearby. This could be terrifying news, if only anyone could tell me what profane vapor actually is.

Since the excavations are not ready, I ordered some additional trees to be cut. We'll probably need it.

Granite 23rd

Some giant one-humped camels have wandered near. At least we are not the only creatures here anymore.

Slate 23rd

The most important building of our settlement has finally been built! We have a still!

In other news, an initial safe fortress is coming along well. We have a good temporary storage space. We managed to dig out some land just below the surface where we could build some farms We also have dug out a room for several workshops Our carpenter and our mason Selfsame have started creating tools and furniture already.


Hematite 1st

I finally have an office. Since it's been built I've been keeping to the bookkeeping of the fortress most of the time, but I have been able to delegate several jobs as well. Another great improvement is that we have a dormitory now. I will be glad to sleep in a bed again next time.

Malachite 3rd

We managed to dig out a large dining hall We also made a larger space to move all stone related workshops. The old place was to small to contain all stone, wood and jewelry workshops. We have a place for our trade depot too, for when the expected caravan in autumn comes. The only thing is that we haven't build all these buildings yet.

Because our builders have yet to catch up with the miners, I have ordered the miners to excavate some places below the fortress, to search for valuable materials.

dining hall

Malachite 12th

Migrants! Good, we could use a lot of extra hands here. Six new workers should speed up the progress.

I'm putting them to work immediately. All of them can fight.

The cats keep killing a lot of hamsters.

Galena 19th

With all the new workers, the jobs are quickly done. All new workshops have been built, the trade depod drawbridge and lever too!

Galena 23rd


They're still far in the sky. If we don't attract attention to ourselves maybe they pass us.

Galena 26th

Our farmers have decided that booze is the only thing we need, and food is just for making booze... I'll have to tell them to keep some plump helmets back.

Limestone 2nd

Today our miners found 2 cavarns! On a single day!

They said that the second cavern had some deep pit. I do not like the sound of that.

Limestone 12th

I have started creation of a safe water zone. There is a tunnel from just below the waterfall towards the fortress.

When this project was almost finished, I heard good news: The outpost liason and trade caravan have arrived. Something seems odd about this liason though.

Limestone 13th

The liason appears to be a goblin. How did that ever happen? Well, let's try not to be racist, liason is liason

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