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* display_name added to Auth_ID
* With multiple accounts referencing single ID, how do we know what
the display name should be?
* login logging needs to track auth_id and user_id
Multiple Accounts
* Associate account mechanism
** Add another association
** Takeover/merge existing association (which auth_id wins?)
** allow duplicate login types? i.e. assign two twitter accounts, two
local login accounts?
** change password - we need to know whether we have any local auth
accounts. Which one gets changed? Selector box to choose?
Email Issues
* Activation Email
* Require email
* Email Verification
* Email Authentication
* FormEncode optional validation of email
* Unique Email address requirement
UX Issues
* add more detail to exceptions
SQL Issues
* unique index on auth_user_group on user_id,group_id
Flash messages
* bootstrap uses -info rather than -notice
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