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A Distributed Hash Table (Kademlia) for node.js, with NAT-traversing super powers!
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node-dht is a Kademlia-based Distributed Hash Table library for node.js with NAT-traversing super powers! node-dht is a set of bindings to the libcage library which does the heavy lifting under the hood.

What can you do with it? node-dht can be used as a decentralized peer-to-peer key/value store with the ability to traverse NATs if needed. More complicated protocols can be implemented on top of node-dht as well!

The goal of node-dht is to provide a very flexible, usable, and hackable set of tools to easily implement DHT services into your application.

node-dht is in an early-alpha stage and is very unstable.

Quick Start

var dht = require('../dht')
var port = 10000;

// create our initial nodes
var node = dht.createNode(port).setGlobal();
var node2 = dht.createNode(port + 1).setGlobal();

// node2 -> join -> node
node2.join("localhost", port, function (success) {
  console.log("join", success ? "succeed" : "failed");



Good luck, the automated build process isn't well fleshed out yet.


Step by Step

boost, libev

  1. build and install boost
  2. build libev WITH -DEV_MULTIPLICITY=0, install it
  3. libcage requires omake, download and install it


libcage was originally implemented with libevent. To make it play nice inside node.js' event loop, we need to link to libev instead. Luckily libev provides a compatibility header for libevent so all that needed to be changed was the linker options. You can get this version from the libev branch on my fork of libcage (link in the dependencies section).

  1. git checkout libev
  2. sudo omake install

If you have linking errors when building libcage there's a good chance that it's trying to link to libevent, make sure it's trying to include libev's event.h instead of libevent's event.h by removing libevent or by moving the headers around.


  1. make
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