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A CouchApp that lets you export and import data into CouchDB.


  • CSV export your entire database for integration with spreadsheets or Google Refine



After you install it, visit this link to open Removalist:


Quick install

In-depth install

You'll have to get yourself a couch. The easiest way is from the instructions on this page. Once it's going, open up http://YOURCOUCH/_utils and create a new database to store your data.

You can either replicate the couchapp from my couch (quickest option) or, if you want to hack on the removalist source code first, you'll need to install the CouchApp command line utility and check out this repo.

If you want to hack on removalist, once you have the couchapp utility working, git clone this repo and go into this folder and execute couchapp init. To upload removalist into your couch just run couchapp push http://YOURCOUCH/DATABASENAME. Otherwise see the Quick install section above.

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