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0.7.1 (2012-05-31)
- Fixed: "watch" command was broken with single file in multiple bundles.
- Fixed an issue with input()/open() filter application.
- Let pyramid_webassets support asset specifications (Kai Kroner).
0.7 (2012-04-11)
The big new thing is an abstract "version" concept, which allows the
version of an asset, in form of a hash or timestamp, to be added the the
filename or appended to the URL. Manifest functionality has been added to
allow these versions to be used in production without accessing the source
files. This is also important for performance reasons.
In addition, some of the changes that have been made are:
- CoffeeScript: Support COFFEE_NO_BARE option (Maxim Bodyansky).
- UglifyJS filter: Now supports UGLIFYJS_EXTRA_ARGS setting (Bryan Chow).
- Various Sass filter improvements (partially by Simon Pantzare).
- Switched the less filter to the NodeJS implementation. The old Ruby
implementation can be used via the less_ruby filter.
- cssrewrite filter now works with Django's staticfiles, Flask's blueprints.
- Added filter that compiles Django templates.
- Added PyScss filter.
- Added Handlebars filter.
- Added DustJS filter.
- Added a datauri filter.
- Various fixes and improvements for JST filter.
- Works again on Windows (Jon Morton).
- Output directory is now auto-created if necessary.
- Fixed various issues where the updater did not pick up changes, mostly
when dependencies changed.
- CLI: Renamed the "rebuild command to "build". Now supports custom
output files. Now requires argparse or Python 2.7.
- Added a --no-cache option to the build command.
- YAMLLoader improvements: now supports custom options, recursive bundles
(Bradley Wright).
- Filters are now more powerful via the new open() and concat() methods.
- FilesystemCache uses md5 values again.
- Support Python 2.5 again.
- Support for Django 1.4 and ``CachedStaticFileStorage``.
- In django-assets, support a ``ASSETS_MODULES`` option.
0.6 (2011-10-03)
- The Django 1.3 staticfiles contrib app is now supported.
- Bundles may now contain URLs (as supported by urllib2).
- Support for recursive globbing using the python-glob2 package.
- Support for Javascript templates via a new "jst" filter
(Lucas Hrabovsky).
- "watch" command no longer crashes if a build fails.
- Added a "check" command (Ross McFarland).
- Bundles now support dependencies - files that are observed
for the purposes of automatic rebuilding, but are not part
of the build as far as webassets is concerned (for example,
Sass include files).
- Improved Sass filter:
- No longer include debug info while in production.
- Use the webassets cache if possible.
- Allow to be used as an output filter.
- Java-based filters: Expose stdout messages.
- Added new rJSmin filter, which ships with the module.
Deprecated the shipped jsmin module. The jsmin filter will
require an external dependency in the future.
- Added UglifyJS filter.
- Fixed the gzip filter.
- Made the Compass filter more reliable.
- Allow container bundles to pass filters to children.
- The cache is now enabled in production mode as well (by
0.5 (2011-03-30)
- Added ``CSSPrefixer`` and ``CoffeeScript`` filters (by myfreeweb).
- Compass filter: support .scss compilation (by Olivier Poitrey).
- Compass filter: added plugin support (by Olivier Poitrey).
- Compass filter: properly support imports.
- YUI filters: Support for ``yuicompressor`` PyPI package (by
Mikhail Korobov).
- Django 1.3 compatibility improvements.
- YUI filter: properly deal with UTF-8 encoded files (by Olivier
- Added Google Closure filter (by Mark Lee).
- ``django-assets``: Now also loads from an application-level
```` file (by David Guaraglia).
- Minor bug fixes.
- Globbing support: Patterns may not be used when specifying
Bundle contents.
0.4 (2010-08-21)
- Renamed project to ``webassets``, no longer Django specific;
instead, the Django app is an optional addon.
- With the change to ``webassets``, a bunch of new things are
included which now make sense, like loading from YAML files.
- Got rid of the ASSETS_AUTO_CREATE option.
0.3 (unreleased)
- Fixed: YUI filter JAVA_HOME handling (Ian Langworth,
Asheesh Laroia).
- 1.2 compatibility.
- Don't apply cache busting to source files in debug mode.
- Fixed ASSETS_AUTO_CREATE behavior.
0.2 (2009-12-08)
- Compatibility with Django >= 1.0.
- Added some actual documentation.
- Allow assets to be defined in code, through ``Bundles``.
- Improved, more powerful way to define filters.
- Support for Jinja2 templates; support for Coffin, if installed.
- New CleverCSS filter (thanks to Florian Schachter).
- New less filter.
- Various bug fixes.
This release introduces some backwards-incompatible changes. See
the ``Upgrading`` page in the documentation for details.
0.1 (2008-07-27)
Initial release.
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