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Some public cookbooks.
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apache-couchdb Fix: please rubocop
apache-solr Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
apt-spy2 Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
apt Rubocop: EmptyLinesAroundBlockBody
aptly Rubocop: EmptyLinesAroundBlockBody
avahi Bugfix: Use nscd service definition in avahi recipes
awscli Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
bash Rubocop: More fixes and cleanups
bibcd Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
build-essential Relocating rubocop config into cookbook
chef_handler Bugfix: Forgot one variable rename during rubocop-refactoring
chef_handler_sns Chef SNS Notification support added
composer Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
cron Fixed matchers, changed test description to correct string
dhcp3 Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
dnsmasq Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
docker Make rubocop happy again
easybib-deploy Enhancement: support for nginx local conf in scholar
easybib Adjusting tests to new command
elasticsearch Rubocop: SpaceInsideBrackets
erlang Fix: CS
ezproxy Feature: Improve ezproxy config
fail2ban Indentation fixes
gearmand Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
getcourse-deploy Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
getcourse Enhancement: recipe to download & compile ext/imagick
haproxy Feature: Make default layer name customizable
hhvm-fcgi Rubocop: More fixes and cleanups
java Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
loggly Removing broken lb rules
logrotate Update: update logrotate cookbook to master
memcache Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
monit Make sure monit and /etc/monit/conf.d exists before setting up notifi…
newrelic Rubocop: WordArray
nginx-app change seconds to 5 on all proxy timeouts
nginx-lb Please rubocop
nodejs Enhancement: support to actually install any version npm we need
ohai Rubocop-Fixes for imported cookbook
ops Bugfix: Add phpmyadmin as dependency
opsworks_nodejs Syntax error fixed
pecl-manager Rubocop: EmptyLinesAroundBlockBody
percona Fix: CS
php-apc Rubocop: More fixes and cleanups
php-bcmath Rubocop: SpaceInsideBrackets
php-enchant Rubocop: SpaceInsideBrackets
php-fpm Rubocop: More fixes and cleanups
php-gearman Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
php-imagick Rubocop
php-intl Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
php-mysqli Rubocop: More fixes and cleanups
php-mysqlnd_uh Rubocop: SpaceInsideBrackets
php-opcache Feature: Enable easybib ppa to be mirrored, too
php-pdo_sqlite Rubocop: SpaceInsideBrackets
php-pear Pear 1.9.5 has been released, removing workaround
php-phar Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
php-poppler-pdf Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
php-posix Bugfix: Install php posix on trusty as well
php-pspell Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
php-suhosin Feature: Enable easybib ppa to be mirrored, too
php-xdebug Rubocop: More fixes and cleanups
php-xhprof Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
php-xsl Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
php-zip Feature: Enable easybib ppa to be mirrored, too
php-zlib Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
php Fix: set default to empty string so .empty? works
phpmyadmin Rubocop: EmptyLinesAroundBlockBody
postfix Fix: add missing dependency
prosody Bugfix: luasec package name for trusty
python Fix: local fix, remove depends
qafoo-profiler Added logrotate for qprofd
rabbitmq Fix: this would be a good idea if we were not on Chef 11.10
rds Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
redis Bugfix: No shell for redis
rsyslogd Bugfix: Wrong syslog timestamps
ruby-brightbox Cleanup: Use centralized method for aptly detection
satis Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
scholar Relocating scholar deployment in own recipe
service Fix: rubocop
sinopia Update: disable dependency on user recipe
smokeping Rubocop: EmptyLinesAroundBlockBody
snooze Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
statsd Rubocop: More fixes and cleanups
subversion Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
supervisor Import
tsung Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
users Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
vagrant-test Refactor: clean-up Vagrantfiles add a small library to unify helpers,… Rubocop: SpaceInsideParens
xml Adding xml cookbook - dependency for chef_handler_sns
zsh Cleanup: Moved last old env_conf calls to ::EasyBib.Config
.gitignore On success: Bundle everything in a .tar.gz and upload
.rubocop.yml Fix: ignore logrotate (imported cookbook)
.rubocop_todo.yml Permanently disable EmptyLinesAroundBlockBody
.travis.yml Speed up travis
Gemfile Updating to rubocop 0.30.0
Makefile Update: disable find Fix: Change path to something writable to www-data
Rakefile Feature: Autocorrect rubocop errors Update: versions

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All these cookbooks are BSD Licensed, so feel free to use and abuse.

Please note that some recipes rely on a AWS Opsworks setup/environment so you best test the setup before you call it a day. Some are also heavy work in progress. Take into account that even though they are used in production all/most of them are still 0.1 versioned.

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