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patcon commented May 16, 2011

Hey! Not sure if you were aware, but there's already a Jenkins cookbook being worked on by a few people:

Cheers :)

till commented Sep 9, 2011


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patcon commented Sep 9, 2011

Just realized your config.xml template was modeled after this template (I think?):

Anyhow, awesome idea.

Any thoughts on other things I could add to fletcher's cookbook (this one I mentiobed above) that might make you likely to convert to using his? Just trying to amalgamate efforts, but I don't want to ask anyone to do extra work :)

till commented Sep 12, 2011

Not right now. We're trying to get off the ground with this one.

I find the majority of available chef recipies not very robust and overly complex. I don't remember why we didn't use anything else (likely because of the dependencies and what not), but I'll check into it.

I'm using a service which wraps chef-solo, so my approach is usually that it runs with that. I also like to use Vagrant and so on, and I don't want to deal with a full fledge chef-server setup or the opscode platform.

patcon commented Sep 12, 2011

Oh hey, totally understand -- feels like I spent months spinning my wheels before I felt like a started to "get" chef :)

But it you can afford it, splitting out your cookbooks will make it all the more likely that others will stumble across it and improve on it. You could probably use knife to manage you chef-repo (along with the very cool knife-github-cookbooks gem) without actually using chef-server. Knife will just basically handle the vendor-branch management and easy import from github repos (by stripping off chef-projectname to be just projectname). (So you can keep you cookbooks separate and sharable, but still easily pull them into your big chef-repo with one command.)

If you do split yours out, you can keep the history using this method:

Went into detail on it here if you ever feel like giving it a shot:

Anyhow, all the best!

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till commented Dec 16, 2011

I'll review this once I have time over the holidays.

patcon commented Dec 16, 2011

FYI, @feldblum's Librarian tool is the new hotness for managing cookbooks :)

till commented Feb 9, 2012

@patcon Do you have a link? Not sure what I have to look for.

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